Saying what the heart feels is not easy for everyone. And when it comes to men, it gets even more challenging. A research has revealed that 90 percent of men don’t like to share their feelings with anyone. But sometimes, this habit of men leave their wives/girlfriends wondering whether they still love them or not. Women like to hear ‘I Love You’ from their partner as often as it can get. It gives them a satisfaction that their partner still loves them.

Men don’t like to express their love in the form of words. They demonstrate their affection through their caring attitude. So if your partner doesn’t say ‘I Love You’ often, then these are the reasons why he doesn’t like to do so.

1. They Find It Weird!
They find it abnormal to say ‘I Love You’ all the time. But women like to hear ‘I Love You’ as often as they can. So if you force your partner to say these three magical words, then drop this habit at once. This can affect your relationship big time. Men express their love in the form of their care. So if he cares for you, you don’t need to hear these words habitually.

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2. It Sounds Fake to Them
If someone keeps on telling you 24×7 that he loves you, will it not sound made-up? Believe me, even you will start thinking that the person is just showing off. Men feel the same. This is one of the reasons why men can’t say ‘I Love You’ all the time. They say these words whenever they feel is important.

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3. They Don’t Feel the Need to Say It
Men feel that saying these mere three words will not express their love. There are many other and better ways to express their affection towards you. So this is the reason why men don’t seek these words ‘I Love You’ for the expression of their feelings. Their sudden touches and kisses are also some ways to which they say, ‘I Love You’.

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4. They Don’t Like To Repeat Things
Men always think that their better halves already know how they feel about them. So what is the need to repeat it all the time? They find it really unflattering to repeat a single thing over and over again. This might be the other reason why they’re not saying it often.

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5. Saying ‘I Love You’ Too Often Can Diminish Its Importance
You’ve got to agree to this fact, that when we say something too frequently, its value gets reduced to null over time. This way, if your partner will say ‘I Love You’ all the time, you will not feel the same magic every time he says so. So saying too much can reduce the importance of words.

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