5 Shower Mistakes You Keep Repeating

How complicated could a shower be? What could probably go wrong with your shower routine? Have you ever thought about the things you do in the shower that could actually mess up your skin? If not, then today is the time to check if you are committing any of these shower mistakes in your shower routine.

1. Having hot showers- For some people, hot showers are the best way to end their day since it calms their nerves and releases tension from the body. But they are not aware of the fact that water which is too hot can actually damage the skin tissues. Apart from that the hot water also snatches away the moisture from the skin making it dry, flaky and irritated. Thus it is better to stick to warm showers and keep the hot showers restricted to only once a week.

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2. Over-exfoliation- We all know that exfoliation is very important in order to get rid of the dead skin cells, dirt, accumulated pollution and sweat. But over-exfoliation may lead to irritated skin. In order to prevent dry, flaky skin and rashes make sure to exfoliate your body not more than twice a week. Use a mild store-bought or homemade scrub to gently buff away the dead skin cells.

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3. Using an old razor- Another thing that a lot of people are guilty of committing in the shower is using an old or worn out the razor for shaving. A disposable razor is not meant to be used more than one time and should be disposed of instead of waiting for the blades to get dull. Also if you are using a reusable razor then make sure to wash it clean with water and let it dry completely before keeping it back in its case.

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4. Using an old loofah- Loofahs are a great way to exfoliate your body while getting a rich lather from your body wash. But along with that loofas are also a breeding ground for the bacteria to multiply. Thus you must replace your loofah every 2-3 months. Also every time you use the loofah wash it under running water and hang it from a hook so that all the water could drain out of it.

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5. Using harsh products- There are two types of products, the ones which are extremely gentle on the skin and then there are other products which are very harsh on the skin. In order to maintain the sanctity of your skin, it is always better to use products which are gentle on the skin and won’t be too drying. Use as many natural products as possible as these not only clean your body but are very gentle as well.

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