It is said that when a person is in a healthy relationship, everything revolves around love, care, and trust. Your partner accepts the way you are and respects your decisions. He/ she never tries to influence your thoughts. But, unfortunately, some people become so blind in love they are not able to figure out that their partner is manipulative. So, before you fall into the trap and face emotional turmoil, we have listed some signs that prove your partner is manipulative.

1. Your problems do not matter

Your problems do not matterImage Source: wp

Manipulators don’t care about the troubles which are affecting their partner and avoid paying attention towards that. They always came up with an excuse that they are busy or divert the topic by talking about their own issues. They don’t make efforts to solve problems as they are only concerned about themselves.

2. For them, their needs matter the most

For them, their needs matter the mostImage Source: rbl

There will come a time when they will try to impose their thoughts and decisions on you. Like taking you out for a movie but of their choice and planning a dinner at their favorite spot. There are chances they might have started you controlling you a long time without you realizing that fact.

3. You are the one who is wrong

You are the one who is wrongImage Source: rbl

Manipulative people have the skill to make you feel guilty even though they know that this time they were wrong. This kind of people try to twist the facts according to them and puts the entire blame on you. Well, if you notice this sign in your relationship, then you are ending with a toxic one. So, it is advised that you end this kind of relationship and head on in life with a positive attitude.

4. They manage your finances too

They manage your finances tooImage Source: tqn

They always keep an eye on your finances and dominate every decision that you make regarding the money. He/ she assures that you don’t spend a penny without their knowledge. Besides this, they also avoid spending money on bills and gifts. In short, we can say that manipulators are a great burden.

5. They know how to charm you

 They know how to charm youImage Source: bustle

Well, this is one of the reasons why most of the people fail to realize that their partner is manipulative. Manipulators are known as a great charmer, and they easily pretend to be sweet and caring. And when they figure out that the things are going out of hands, they compliment you and call you by sweet names. But, later you will realize that these things are only going to damage you as a person. So, it is better to discuss openly with your partner.

So, these were the few signs that prove your partner is manipulative.

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