No wonder that social media is an amazing discovery which has spiced up our lives. Now, we can easily know about the whereabouts of our near and loved one at just a click. But, when we talk about the social media influence on relationships, well, it can lead to a lot of complications. So, to avoid problems in your relationship, we have listed some social media rules that every couple should follow.

1. No-phone time

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Nobody wants to be with a person who is always on his/her phone checking the social media status of the world. So, always make sure that you plan out and manage your time accordingly and enjoy no-phone time with SO and interact with him.

2. Following your ex

 Following your exImage Source: hindustantimes

Well, this a sensitive topic but, it is good to keep things clear with your partner. For some, it is big a deal and for some, it does not matter. Still, it is advised that you share everything with your partner like you still contact your Ex and interact with them often.

3. Define PDA

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PDA in a relationship is normal but always make sure that when you share any post on social media, just discuss it with your partner. There are chances that your partner might not like you sharing some personal stuff online, which should be between you two.

4. Keep your partner informed

Keep your partner informedImage Source: cloudfront

Always share important news with your partner before you share it with the public on social media. This builds on trust and also shows that you genuinely want your partner in your life. So, try to stick on to this tip as far as possible.

5. Respect privacy

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Never ever ask your partners to share their social media passwords with you. And avoid stalking and questioning them about each and every activity. Try to respect their privacy.

So, these were the few social media rules that every couple should follow.

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