Bad texting habits are considered as the major problem in a relationship. Texting too often or less, both can affect your relationship. Experts say that couples should be careful while texting and should avoid some common texting habits because bad texting habits can lead to misunderstandings between you two. So, to help you out, we have listed some texting habits that can ruin your relationship.

1. Texting too often

Texting too oftenImage Source: buzzle

Yes, we understand that you love your partner very much but, that does not mean that you keep texting them every 15 minutes as it will only cause distraction and annoyance. And it also signs towards insecurity. So, it is advised that you should text in a limit.

2. Texting to argue

Texting to argueImage Source: themindsjournal

If there are issues in your relationship then, you should make efforts and discuss the problems openly. Texting angry messages and for accusing each other is not going to help. Whatever the issue is, try to solve it by talking to each other face to face.

3. Too many emojis and exclamation marks

Too many emojis and exclamation marksImage Source: thejournal

Sending too many emojis, exclamation marks in a text can add too much drama in your message which can put your partner off. According to the experts, this habit signals towards immaturity. So, it is suggested that you should avoid using emojis and exclamation after every sentence.

4. Texting too less

 Texting too lessImage Source: wp

Not texting your bae’s messages on time can spell the trouble for you. Not responding to the urgent messages can signal towards passive aggression and can also make your partner feel ignored. So, watch out.

5. Nagging texts

Nagging textsImage Source: wkyc

This is something that can ruin your relationship. For instance, if your partner forgets your mother’s birthday and you are not ready to forgive him and constantly message him that he doesn’t care about your family.

So, these were the few texting habits that can ruin your relationship. Try to avoid them and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

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