5 Things Actresses Do Before Stepping Out of Their House

We’re so obsessed with everything celebrities do; right from brushing their teeth to combing their hair. We are all so eager to know what these actresses do to look so impeccable all the time. Whatever they are wearing, makeup or no makeup, they always look ravishing. So here we are going to share the beauty secrets of these famous actresses that they swear by when they step out of their house.

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1. Priyanka Chopra’s Red Lips
Piggy Chops revealed that whenever she faces baggy eyes or her face looks not-so-presentable, she goes for a red lipstick. The red lipstick drags the attention of lookers on the lips. All the other imperfections are not visible then. Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan and many more actresses swear by this trick.

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2. Alia Bhatt’s Moisturization Hack
Alia Bhatt is very strict for her C-T-M routine. She believes if you want to have a dewy look on your face, you should moisturize your skin well. A dewy skin is a sign for a healthy skin. She wears a rich moisturizing cream which nourishes her skin cells from within.

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3. Colour-Correcting Dark Circles
Most of the actresses take care of their skin pretty well. So dark circles are not frequent affairs. However, if due to lack of sleep or stress they develop dark circles, they colour correct them before stepping out of their house. Most of them get away with using sunglasses.

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4. For Bad Hair Day
Most of the celebrities like to keep their hair down when they head out for events. Some of them even tie their hair in a quick updo or a high pony to hide their bad hair day.

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5. Manicure
Your hands make a lot of difference. Chipped nails and undone manicure ruins your complete look. So spare few minutes and swipe a coat of a bright nail paint on your nails to make yourself look a notch up.

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