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5 Things Guys Look for in a Woman They Want to Marry

There are many women who believe that what men really like in them is their looks. Well, it’s true that looks matter because it is the first thing that a man notices about you. But, it is not the only thing that guys look for in a woman. Apart from the looks, there are several things that men like about women. So, here is the list of things that men like in women.

  1. Caring nature
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It is rightly said that men prefer to stay independent and tough in front of everyone. But, deep down they always prefer to experience a bit of motherly touch from their woman. Also, they find such women interesting who can take care of them maturely, but in a tender way.

  1. Confidence
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Confidence is known as the greatest asset of a human being, and there is nothing better when a woman is happy and confident in what she is. This simple quality defines a lot about you like who you are and how you lead your life. There are men who are attracted towards the beauty of women but, there are also the ones who love to appreciate a woman’s confidence. And this normal yet strong attitude can leave a long-lasting impression on a man’s mind.

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  1. Respect for privacy
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Usually, men always get attracted towards the women who respect their privacy and allows them to spend alone time with friends and family. And if men don’t find personal space they lose temper which further leads to arguments in a relationship.

  1. Independence
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Most of the men love to date a woman who is independent and have ambitions to succeed. This simply means men are interested in women who have their own and separate identity. Plus, they also prefer to be with someone with whom they can share responsibilities and can also ask advice on important decisions.

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  1. Simplicity
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There is nothing in this world that can beat simplicity not even the good looks. The tender, sensitive and graceful spirit of a woman which makes a man fall for her.

So, these were the few things that guys look for in a woman of their dreams.


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