5 Things He Does That Proves Him To Be Your Perfect Man

We have heard this phrase many times in our life, that “Action speaks louder than words”. Well, they certainly do, in almost all the aspects of your life. There are a few things that prove that he is the perfect man of your dreams and you must never let him go if you want a chance with a carefree and everlasting happiness in your life.

To be honest, there no guarantee that the relationship you are jumping into will last for the lifetime or whether is it worth to risk your heart. But what are relationships for, to gain happiness and looking forward to a happy future? So, ladies, if you have noticed these 5 things in your man then we would suggest you to hold onto him tight and never let him go!

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• Honesty & Loyalty
What’s more important to a person than self-respect? We say nothing! And giving a chance to those who constantly lies and cheats on you would be the worst mistake of your life. You must know when to walk away from a toxic relationship. Honesty & loyalty can be seen in a person’s action rather than in words.

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Honesty and loyalty is not something that we can find in every man, but if your man possesses these two qualities, then we will only suggest you to always hold onto to that person as tight as you can and never let him go away from your life.

• Comfort In Being Weird
Being weird is an exceptional quality in itself. It’s not something that everyone can flaunt gracefully and be comfortable with it. Finding someone as weird as yourself is difficult, in fact, the chances are pretty bleak for that to happen. But if you ever do find the person who totally weirds it out to your level, then we think you have found the right life partner people, stick with them and cherish the rest of your life in each other’s weirdness.

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• Anger Doesn’t Mean That You Stop Caring
Being in love doesn’t mean that saying ‘I Love You’ is all that a relationship has to be about, no! there will be times when you will disagree upon things and your partner would do the opposite, you might have bad fight days and stay angry with each other for doing wrong. But that doesn’t mean you stop loving or caring for each other because you were angry. Love is all about forgiveness and caring for each other, not being selfish and hurtful. Hold onto that care and love forever!

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• Get Your Priorities Right
Understanding each other’s priorities should be the first thing on your mind when you are in a relationship. Apart from being with each other, you also have your own personal life that is totally different in hundreds of ways than your partner’s.

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For the fact, if you are in a relationship, then you must be each other’s priorities, putting your partner before everyone else and helping each other in the time of need. But other people should be equally important and attended like family and friends at the required time.

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• Love You For Who You Are
It is totally cliché to say this but it’s hard to live a life that you haven’t chosen for yourself, but is forced upon you in the name of love and care! The reason why do we fall in love with someone is because we like everything about who they are, all of them, not just a part or a habit. But if you are forcing someone to change for you so that you can love them for what you have made them, is wrong! Avoid the company of such people who don’t love you for who you are, and try turning you into someone else.

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It’s not necessary that the person possessing all these qualities will be there by your side or you would be in love with them for the rest of our life, but who know what future has in store for us. So, live the present happily and stop caring about something that is still to come!



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