5 Things to Think About Before Getting Bangs!

So you loved Kangana’s Bang-on Avatar in Katti Batti? She looked flawless as Payal with her long flowing locks and side-swept bangs. After finishing the movie, the first thought I had in my mind was to get that hairstyle done for myself. But imagining myself with that face semi-covered with hair didn’t seem to be impressive to me. But that’s a different case. Not every face cut is made for bangs. So if you’re thinking about getting the bangs done for yourself, then there 5 unavoidable things which you should think about before getting the scissors run on your mane.

1. To Get The Bangs or Not?
This is not the thing to be taken lightly. You’re getting your hair cut in a pretty noticeable hairstyle. Yes, everybody’s going to notice that you got your bangs done. So instead of regretting afterward and going incognito until the hair grows back, you should ask yourself do you really want this haircut for yourself or it’s just an impulsive desire. So have a closer look at your face cut. You can try fake bangs on your face to check whether it will look impressive on you or not.

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2. If you’re a Lazy Girl, Stay Away From Bangs!
Adding bangs can complicate your grooming schedule. So if you’re one of that girl who leave the bed just 30 minutes before the time you should be leaving the home, then my girl, forget about bangs. When you have bangs, you can’t have that ‘Look I Woke up like this’ selfie. Bangs need your time and attention every day. So make sure that you have those extra few minutes to spare on your bangs.

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3. You Have to Get Them Trimmed Every Three Months
Do you know that your hair grows approximately half an inch every month? So the bangs which you’ve got done this month might look impressive now, but such wouldn’t be the case for the three months later. It might cover your entire eyes and you’ll have to walk with a stick in your hand. So it is suggested that if you’re going to get your bangs done, be prepared to get a trimming session for your hair every once in three months. Or you can learn how to trim the bangs at home.

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4. Try Side Swept Bangs for the Start
Side Swept Bangs are versatile and easy to go type of hairstyle. It goes well with any type of face cut. This haircut will give you an impressive look if you handle and maintain them with care. If you’re comfortable with the side-swept bangs you can go for the bolder ones. If you think they’re not for you, then you can grow them out to get rid of the hairstyle.

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5. Invest in Dry Shampoo
If you’re getting the bangs, then buy the Dry Shampoo at once. Because you’ll be needing it a lot. Your bangs will keep lying down on your face and all the oils from the face will be taken up by your bangs. They’ll get oilier, faster than the rest of your mane. So instead of washing your hair every second day, invest in a good dry shampoo.
Or you can just pull your entire hair into a ponytail, and wash the bangs with your shampoo. Blow dry them and you’re ready again to head out the door.

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