5 Ways Your Life Changes When You Get Married

Your life is going to be changed and there’s no escape. The post-marriage life a perfect combination of bitter-sweet. The big event brings about big changes in the life of the duo, especially the girl who has to leave her parent’s house forever. In case you’re getting married and there is a myriad of questions buzzing around your head, then here is a guide to answer your questions straight!

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1. You’ll Learn to Say ‘We’ More Than ‘I’.
When you’re married, every single decision you make is going to affect the life of you both. You will stop talking in the first person all the time. You’ve availed a lot of freedom before marriage, but there won’t be as much liberty after getting hitched.

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2. You’ll Start Worrying More About Your Looks
You will be the centre of attraction for everyone around the house for some time, few months precisely. You can’t roam around the house in your pajamas and eat a cup of ice cream. It’s time to bid adieu to your maiden wardrobe.

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3. You Will Think Twice, Thrice Before Speaking
You might have been an outspoken and straightforward girl during your maiden years, but now the things aren’t same. Your words can be mistaken for something else. They can go completely out of context. So, you have to think a number of times before uttering something.

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4. Your Daily Habits Change
You no longer can wake up at 10 am on the Sunday mornings. Singing songs in the bathroom is a big no-no. Your in-laws won’t be expecting a bathroom singer daughter-in-law with them. Visit your very own house won’t be less than an extravaganza!

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5. Special Attention from Your Parents and Friends
Earlier, they never bothered how you’re feeling every other second of your day. But now, your mother won’t forget to talk to you over the phone about thrice a day. Plus, they’ll be more loving. Your friends will continuously pester you on WhatsApp to ask about your whereabouts.

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