6 Annoying Skincare Struggles Every Indian Girl Has During Summers

Summers are already here to torture us by all possible means and sometimes we are just helpless. But don’t worry girls, we are here to help you out. Although every season has its own struggles but whenever summers arrive in India, it comes with a lot of struggles with it. From sweating, humidity, and pollution, we girls face a peak of problems during this season.

With temperatures rising above 40 degrees, every Indian girl can relate to these skincare struggles that they have to face during summers.

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1. Sunny day tan

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The worse thing that happens during the summers is sun tan. We have to keep ourselves covered in this scorching heat which makes us grubbier.

2. Melting makeup

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After spending considerable time on makeup to get that perfect look, it seems like all efforts gone in vain. The fiery sun even makes our stubborn waterproof makeup to run down the face.

3. Never lets our hair down

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We can never keep our hair open, we always have to keep our hair tied up to keep sweat away from our neck.

4. Dirty feet

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No matter how hard we try our feet turn muddy and yucky till evening because of heat and pollution.

5. Making buns

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People say one of the best hair do during summers is buns but when we try in reality it becomes something else because of sticky and messy hair.

6. Sweaty stains

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Sweating is absolutely normal but when it comes to stain and odour it just ruins everything. We all deserve to smell amazing, don’t we?


Even after these deadly struggles we face everyday during summers, we always come being a victor. 😃

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