6 Effective Ways to Tone Your Hips and Thighs

Some women find difficulties when their lower body is concerned. It is due to the female reproductive hormones, that the women easily accumulate fat in their hips and thigh zone. Extra fat on your hips and thigh portion can make your entire look unattractive.

Fortunately, it is not impossible to lose fat from your hips and thigh zones. With the help of effective techniques and healthy lifestyle, you can easily tone your lower body portion.

Here are the effective ways to tone your thighs and hips.

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1. Cardio and Strength Training Exercises
There are certain cardiovascular exercises that work exclusively on your hips and thigh regions. You don’t need any equipment to carry out these exercises. They can be done easily within the comforts of your home. If you have a bicycle, practice cycling for an hour a day. Do squats, one-legged squats, jumping squats, etc. at home for 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week.

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2. Aerobic Exercises
Along with the cardiovascular exercises, you can do aerobics to lose fat from your hips and thighs quickly. Aerobic exercises are excellent in burning fat from your inner thighs and from the rest of your body as well. Use stairs instead of lift if possible. It will boost your metabolism. Enjoy a brisk walk for half an hour daily.

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3. Yoga
Yoga is the ultimate solution to each and every problem. Yoga will not only burn fat, but will improve your metabolism and soothe your mind. Practice Surya Namaskar daily to tone your entire body. Apart from this, yoga poses like Baddha Konasana, Setu Bandhasana, Ananda Balasana, Veerabhadrasana, Paschimottasana and Utkatasana are really good for burning fat.

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4. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is an excellent weight loss remedy. It prevents the further accumulation of fat in the body. It is rich in minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. It will reduce the water retention in your body to a great extent. Mix 3 parts of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in one part of the olive oil or coconut oil. Massage it on your hips and thighs. Let it be for half an hour and then rinse it off with water. Do this twice daily. You can drink apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning.

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5. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil contains the medium-chain fatty acids which are converted immediately into the energy instead of getting stored in the form of fat. It improves your metabolism and curbs your cravings. Massage it on your thighs and hips. Also, use extra virgin coconut oil as a cooking medium.

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6. Coffee Grounds
Coffee is rich in antioxidants and caffeine which is known to treat sagging skin and cellulite as well. It improves the blood circulation and cuts down the accumulated fats in the body. Scrub your inner thighs and hips with coffee grounds to see the result. To prepare this scrub, use the leftover coffee grounds and add some honey to prepare a thick paste. Rub this paste on your inner thighs and hips before taking bath. Let it dry naturally and then scrub it off using wet hands. Do this twice or thrice a week.

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