6 Precautionary Tips For Parents To Keep Kids Safe Near Water

As per the research and the surveys, drowning is the major cause of the accidental death of the young children or infants. Most parents think that it is okay to leave your kids in those mini bathtubs for lazing around while they finish off other house chores, but what they do not realize is that a little distraction might cause then a lifetime grieving loss.

In fact, not just the drowning, but there are many contagious diseases or injuries that parents must take care of while their kids are around and in water.

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Here are some precautionary tips that you can follow to make your kids safer and friendlier near the water.

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1. Knowing About The Potential Threats

Not only outside, but your kid can be prone to threats like a bathtub or home pool filled with water, and not to forget those lawn drums that has a lot of flies and mosquitoes flying over it, which can be so dangerous for your kids. Throw away the unused water or keep it covered.

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2. Make Sure For An Adult To Stay Around, Always!

This is an obvious point to be stated, that there should always be an adult present near the kids for the supervision. Even in the presence of the lifeguard, it is important that at least one adult member should be present at an arm’s distance from the kid, while on the beach or at the pool.

DO NOT get distracted by your smartphones or talking to the other people, if you are watching your kid, then do only that. One simple distraction can cause grievous harm for the lifetime.

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3. Learning First Aid Before Swimming

Before you jump into the water, you must learn the first aid or lifesaving techniques, for yours and the safety of your little one as well. CPR is a technique that every parent must learn at all costs, it not only helps to know for your kid’s safety but you can also help someone you see drowning on the beach or in the pool.

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4. Set Ground Rules For Kids Near Water

It is best that you start to ingrain your kid with some ground rules to follow near water, to make them safe and reducing any chances of accidents. Like, before taking your little one for the swim or on the beach, root the strict rules that they must not run near the water or push anyone into the water or get out of your sight for that matter!

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5. Best To Always Wear Your Life Jackets

Life jackets are the best investment options for your kid’s life in water, instead of depending on those inflatable toys to rely on. The floaties or inflatable toys are slippery. Your kid might just slip off from the thing and drown, but life-jackets of the correct size will never come off or deflate to save your child’s precious life.

Also, take out all the toys from the pool or the tub, so that they don’t tempt your little one to jump right in and risk their life for nothing!

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6. Make Your Kid Familiarized To The Surroundings

It is important that you make your kids familiar with the surroundings when you take them out for the swimming or boating on a lakeside or even on the beaches first. The bonding will help them make a safe connection with the water.
Like, if you are taking you kid for a swim for the first time, teach them the layout of the pool yourself, before the coach starts to train them. This way they will make an understanding of a safer environment with water.

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Tip: As per the research and a study done on the kids, it safe for the kids to learn swimming at the early age of 1-4 years. In fact, there are fewer chances of those kids to drown while swimming, if they learn to make water their friend in those early years. The kids start to get comfortable and learn to be safer around water at a younger age. Always teach them the importance of the teamwork, especially in water.

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