6 Tips to Get Rid of Fat Thighs at Home

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you must be knowing how difficult it is to lose fat from your flabby thighs. Have you ever noticed that when you start putting on weight, your thighs are the first to get noticed? When your thighs start grazing against each other when you walk, that’s when you come to know that you’ve been gaining weight lately. Most of the women are fed up of their baggy thighs. But you don’t need to stress out now.

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Yes, it is easy to lose weight from your thighs, but it is not entirely impossible. Today we are going to tell you about some Yoga poses which will help you lose fat from your thighs. You will be needing to bring about some changes in your routine as well. so come let’s know about some yoga tips to get the toned legs of your dreams.

1. You can do the chair pose daily in the morning. for this, firstly stand straight. Then putting all your weight on your forefeet, start sitting down on the floor. Spread your arms forward as shown. Keep your neck straight and look forward. Your position will resemble like you’re sitting on a chair. Do this for 10 times for 1 minute each. This pose adds all the weight of your body on your thighs, this will reduce the girth of your thighs.

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2. There are many more yoga poses to reduce the fat around thighs. You can also do jumping jacks apart from the chair pose. You can do this pose any time of the day. Do this for at least 25 times a day. But keep this thing in your mind that you need to do this pose continuously without giving gaps.

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3. You can also do side lunges to work out the muscles of your thighs. Do this 10-12 times for each leg.

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4. Locking lunge is similar to side lunge. This fortifies the muscles of your thighs and tone then. Do this 10 times for each leg.

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5. Try sumo squats to quickly lose fat from your thighs. Doing this adds your whole body weight on your thighs. You can also grab a dumbbell in your hands to increase the resistance. Do this for at least 15 times each leg.

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6. Use stairs instead of lift to workout your thigh muscles. Losing fat doesn’t mean that you’ll stop eating anything at all. Eat as you please but the nutritional stuff only.

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