6 Types of Dazzling Jewellery other than Gold!

So the wedding season is already here. Is your wedding around the corner or your best friend is getting married? Gold have become too mainstream, and looking just like everybody does is something which you can’t stand. Isn’t it? The brides these days are looking for other jewellery options and are experimenting a lot with their looks. So let’s find out which jewellery you can use to spice up your or your friend’s D-Day!

1. Pearl Jewellery
Pearls are the most royal looking jewellery pieces around the world. They are magnificent and can effortlessly make you look glam in no time. If you’re going to wear a pastel coloured dress, then pick up the jewellery which has white pearls, while warm coloured dresses look well with steel grey pearls. Different types of pearl jewellery are available for different occasions. Pearls chokers add charisma to a bride’s overall look without even putting much effort.

Dazzling Jewellery1Image Source: estet-portal

2. Crystal Jewellery
Matching the jewellery with your outfit have become an old school thing. Too much matchy-matchy makes you look like you’re trying too hard. If you don’t want to be one among those matchy ones, then why don’t you try contrasting jewellery? Swarovski crystal jewellery is the new trend in the town. It will perfectly blend with your wedding outfit as well as the pre-wedding ones.

Dazzling Jewellery2

3. Silver Jewellery
You can never wrong when you’re putting your fingers on silver. Silver means eternity. Gone are those days when silver jewellery lacked intricate designs. Now days silver jewellery can be found in various styles and colours. They are sometimes also embedded with semi-precious beads or American diamonds. You can get them in both shiny and matte finish. So no matter what you’re wearing, silver have an answer for all your concerns. The best part is it will give a royal look to your attire without burning a hole in your pocket.

Dazzling Jewellery3

4. Diamond Jewellery
Diamonds are women’s best friend! And if you can afford the diamonds, then why not! Just drop the idea of everything else and bag the beautiful jewellery of diamond. They do look a bit minimal but they can make you shine a like a night star. Other precious metals are used with diamond, so make sure that the one you pick is authentic as well as attractive.

Dazzling Jewellery4

5. Gemstone Jewellery
They can work better for you in your pre-wedding functions like mehndi and sangeet. Hued gemstones in different shapes and sizes make up a beautiful piece of art which can amp up any of your outfits. If the gemstones are exceeding your budget, then you can also pick coloured diamonds or semi-precious gemstones.

Dazzling Jewellery5

6. Platinum Jewellery
Keeping your budget in mind is something which should never be overlooked. Platinum can be purchased if your budget is allowing you to do so. Platinum looks the best for the wedding day. This is the kind of metal which you’ll cherish for your life. Platinum love bands are very much in trend these days, but apart from that, you can also pick up jewellery pieces like necklaces with precious gemstones or diamonds.

Dazzling Jewellery6