These days most of the people suffering are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. And unfortunately, majority of them rely completely on the medicines to keep their blood pressure under control. But a healthy lifestyle can do much for you than these medicines ever can. Here are some simple pill-free ways to thwart hypertension or high blood pressure.

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1. Take a complete 7-hour sleep
The paradigm has been observed that most of the people who take less 5 hours of sleep every night are more prone to hypertension. Lack of sleep can increase the secretion of stress hormones in your body. And stress hormones are directly related to blood pressure. But here, our concern is not only laid to the quantity of the sleep, but also to the quality. Deep sleep is required for your body to regulate your blood pressure.

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2. Eat less salty food
Salt retains water in your body. Too much of water stored in your body surges your blood pressure. If you’re overweight or having a high BP problem already, then you should be cautious about your diet. Keep your hands off the processed meats and fish. They are high in salts.

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3. Exercise for at least 150 minutes a week.
There are certain guidelines designated to adults for maintaining a healthy body. And this guideline is set up by none other than Department of Health and Human Services. It says that every adult should work out (moderate aerobic activities) for 150 minutes a week. Exercise is the best drug-free treatment for hypertension. Exercises make your heart stronger. And a stronger heart means healthy BP.

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4. Meditate for 10 minutes daily.
Mind here, meditation should be voluntary and not forced. Meditation is required to put our mind to rest. Keep a positive attitude towards life. Remember, worrying will only add to your woes. Meditation is the best means to de-stress and relax. Plus, meditation also helps you sleep better.

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5. Include more fruits and vegetable to your diet
Researchers say that diet rich in fruits and vegetables when combined with low-fat dairy products lowers the blood pressure significantly. People who are suffering from hypertension are advised to consume more fruits and vegetables. The potassium in starchy vegetables balance the negative impact of salt in our body.

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6. Lose some weight
If you’re overweight, then your weight might be the major reason why you are now suffering from hypertension. The fatty tissues create vascular resistance, thereby increasing your blood pressure. Losing 2-3 kgs of weight can show great improvements in your blood pressure. Don’t give up eating all at once. Go slowly but steadily.

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