Love is a great feeling, we understand. But some couples forget the fact they are not the first ones to fall in love, or there are many people who’re single. Some habits of the married couples annoy their friends to the core, but they are too hesitant to tell them. Couples should be in love, but flaunting your love to the world can sometimes go overboard. If you’re a new married one yourself, then refrain from doing these things. If not, then you can take a jibe at them.

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1.Over-Sharing Everything on Facebook

Okay, you’re going to Madrid for your honeymoon! You’re excited, but everyone else is not. Enjoy the quality time with your life partner, instead of spending time posting photos on Facebook. This way, you’ll enjoy more with your husband/wife and trouble your friends on social media lesser.

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2.Too Much of Love in Public

Showing off your partner to the world is a good thing. But dragging your bedroom romance in the public isn’t. Not because people are jealous. But sometimes, over-mushing can make people punish. Be respectable in public and express all the love when you’re all alone in a room.

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3.Celebrating 4 Months Anniversary!

Come on! 4 months of the wedding is not a thing to celebrate. Have you seen your grandparents celebrating their 50th anniversary? Celebrations aren’t bad. But all the celebrations and milestones are not meant to be public.

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4.Posting Mushy Messages on Each Other’s Timeline

This is the most annoying thing a newly married couple is seen doing. Even if they are sitting in the same room, they have to express all their heartfelt feelings on Facebook. For all those who do this, have you ever tried a thing called ‘Talking to Each Other’?

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5.Posting Too Intimate Photos on Social Media

Your intimate moments are meant to be lived not to be captured. And to be published? Not in this world! Your friends are happy knowing that you’re happily living your married life. Giving such an intimate proof on Facebook is unnecessary.

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6.Taking Too Many Selfies

They might already be taking too many selfies before marriage as well. But the number of selfies go exponentially higher after marriage. Even on their honeymoon, they click and post too many couple selfies. Guys, don’t you realize that while you’re in an exotic location, you should be focussing more on our partner than on your phones.

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7.Fighting on Social Media

Is there a thing called personal? Expressing your anger against your partner on Facebook is the most brutal thing you can do to your relationship. Many people can take an advantage of your fight and above all, it can depict your relationship in a wrong light.

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It is said, “First sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on social media”. Let’s not give in to the temptation of exposing too much on social media.



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