7 BRA Myths You Need to Stop Believing Now!

Different people, different opinions. Everyone give you advice on how to choose a perfect bra for yourself, how to wear a bra, etc. And thus, the rumour prevails. One woman spreads the false knowledge to the other, and the other to another. The cycle is invincible. But you need to break through this vicious circle of myths. Being a woman, we’re very little familiar to this tiny but important garment- bra. In this post, let us raise the curtains from the common myths that are prevailing about the Bra.

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1. Same Bra Size Fits You Throughout Your Life
Once you’ve calculated your bra size, you feel that you’ve annexed the whole world. You’re free for life and can wear the same size till eternity. This is no less than a felony for your assets. Our body weight fluctuates throughout the life and so does the bra size changes. Plus, the bra size isn’t the same for all the brands. The best way to purchase a bra is to try them before wearing. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying bras that don’t fit you well.

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2. Sleeping in Bra Will Prevent Sagging
Sleeping bra will only cause irritation where the bra straps touch the skin. Your boobs will not sag if you sleep sans bra. It doesn’t matter if you wear bra at night or not, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

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3. Training Bras Will Make Your Boobs Grow Faster
How can a garment be determining factor in your breasts’ growth? Training bras have no effect in changing your breast size. They only provide support to your breast. They will also protect the sensitive skin of your boobs from being irritated by your top. There’s no other use to it.

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4. You Should Wear a Bra onto the Last Hook
You’re only doing harm to your precious bra. Too much stretching can make your bra lose its elasticity. The best place to secure your bra is to the first hook itself. Try to buy a bra that fits perfectly fine on the last hook. This way your bra will last longer.

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5. A Good Bra Will Last a Year
We all secretly wish that was true. But this doesn’t really happen. Your bra will only last 8-9 months at maximum. Old bras don’t provide the enough support as the new ones. You should have at least 7 pairs of bra to go through a week. A bra needs a 24-hour window to resume back to its original shape. Don’t wear the same bra every alternate day.

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6. White Bra is the Least Visible
White bra isn’t visible only when you’re wearing a white top. In all the other cases, a white bra is overly visible. Ditch this old habit of purchasing the white bra only. The most invisible bras all the weird skin coloured bras. Pick a nude coloured bra according to your skin shade.

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7. Washing Your Bra in the Washing Machine Will Ruin it
Put your bras in a separate bag and then wash them. Now there are dedicated Bra Balls to save your bra from the damage in the washing machine. Don’t tumble dry them. Just hang them in the shade to let the water out.

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