7 Christmas Inspired Gorgeous Nail Art Designs You Need To Try ASAP

Christmas is just around the corner and thus the preparations are in full swing. Everyone is busy decorating their houses as well as the Christmas tree. But have you decided yet, how you are going to decorate your nails for Christmas? If you haven’t already, then here are some amazing Christmas inspired nails art designs you need to try. Pick your favourite design and give your nails a makeover for Christmas.

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1. Glitter red manicure- Since it is Christmas, add a little twist to the classic white French tip manicure and go for a red or burgundy shade instead. Add some glitter top coat to make it look more wintery and dreamy.

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2. Winter sweater inspired nail art- This nail art will remind you of the sweaters that we used to wear as kids. You may not have liked wearing those patterned sweaters, but you will surely like this nail art. The pattern is very Christmas appropriate and will surely make you stand out. Instead of the red base, you can also go for a green base as well.

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3. Glitter snowflake nail art- What could define Christmas better than snowflakes and glitter together? This nail art is both minimalist and extravagant in itself. The nail art design itself is very simple but the addition of glitter makes it look royal, which is perfect for the Christmas.

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4. Reindeer nail art- Remember the poem, “Rudolf, the red nose reindeer”? This nail art is kind of inspired by that poem. Reindeers have a deep connection with Christmas and thus it is totally appropriate to try out this cute nail art.

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5. Funky Santa nail art- What would be Christmas if there was no Santa Claus? This cute Santa nail art is perfect for you to get in the Christmas mode and the best part is that it is very easy to create.

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6. Candy cane nail art- Candy cane is just another Christmas essential. It tastes amazing in your mouth and it will surely look great on your hands as well. This candy cane inspired nail art is a must try for you this Christmas.

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7. Dreamy winter nail art- This nail art truly defines the Christmas festivity. It is glittery and it is red which is what you want for the Christmas season.

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