Making mistakes is inevitable to human instincts. We are made to make mistakes and fix them later. There’s nothing wrong about it. The most important thing is to learn from them and swear not to repair them.

There are some common beauty mistakes which even woman tend to make. Did you make a beauty mistake recently? Don’t worry!

Here are some quick fixes to the common beauty mistakes we make. Scroll down to read more…

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1. Styling Your Hair Too Much
Relying too much on the heat-styling tools will do more harm than good. If you don’t use the protectant, then it is the greatest of the sins. Give your mane a break and let it breathe some fresh air. Apply a leave-in conditioner to restore the moisture in your hair. Trim your hair to prevent split ends. Apply a homemade conditioning mask to replenish the mane.

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2. Not Trimming Your Hair
What’s the point of having the long hair if the last few inches are of only damaged hair? Chop off those split ends and start growing your hair again. And this time, don’t forget to trim your hair every once in a month.

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3. Popping the Pimples
Popping the pimples will leave behind dreadful-looking marks and dents on your skin. Use a vitamin C, Retinoids, Glycolic acid cream to reduce the pigmentation of your skin. Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

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4. Sleeping with Your Makeup On
This is the bad habit we’re tired warning women off. But the laziness overcomes your skincare enthusiasm. Sleeping in makeup clogs your pore and makes your face an abode for numerous of bacteria. Now if you’ve already committed a mistake, make it a rule to wash your face twice a day. Exfoliate your skin very well the next day. Apply a water-based moisturizer. If you’re still facing acne, consult your dermatologist.

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5. Over Colouring Your Hair
Being overly experimental on your hair can be really damaging. If you’ve coloured your hair too much and now you can see that your mane has become lifeless, go for a deep conditioning treatment. You can also use a homemade conditioning mask to get rid of dryness.

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6. Not Wearing the Sunscreen
It’s never too late to start doing the good thing. Make it a habit of applying sunscreen every time you step out of your home. For getting rid of the already damaged skin, exfoliate your face twice a week and apply a Vitamin C rich antioxidant serum. Apply a good moisturizer after that. If the skin darkening is way too much, then use the products with kojic acid or hydroquinone.

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7. Biting Your Nails
First of all, cope your anxieties with the help of yoga and meditation. Let your nails grow and then file the irregular edges. Use a hot oil manicure to replenish your nail bed. Paint your nails with a polish so that you won’t have the urge to chop them off.

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