7 Everyday *Innocent* Habits That Are Thinning & Damaging Your Hair!

You might wonder about the reason behind so much hair fall or thinning of your hair sometimes. Unaware of the fact that it is your own everyday innocent habits that are causing your hair so much unexpected damage!

So, if you are curious to know about these innocent habits that are responsible for the destruction your precious hair has to suffer from, then continue reading this article further.

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1. Too Much Styling (Tools)

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Styling tools are great for those classic and impressive looks, but the frequent use of such heating tools not only affects the quality of your hair but also damages them from their roots, causing excess hair fall and thinning of your hair. Too much heating burns away all the natural minerals from your hair, leaving them lifeless and damaged.

2. Tying Them Tight

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Going with the trend is totally understandable, but overdoing it leads to damaged hair. Tying your hair too tight only makes them weak and vulnerable from the roots, resulting in breakage and thin hair. Instead, you can use bobby pins for the support and uplifting your hair to give then a finished look, but leaving them loose from the roots.

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3. Shampooing Right But Not Conditioning Well!

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We often avoid conditioning our hair when we are in running late, but shampooing washes away essential minerals along with dust and dirt from your hair. So, it is necessary that you never skip conditioning after every wash. Also, never apply conditioner to your roots, this will only weaken them further, conditioners are for your hair strands, not your scalp.

4. Poor Diet Reflects Poorly On Your Hair

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A healthy diet is not only good for skin and health but is equally affects the quality of your hair as well. make sure your diet contains lots of proteins and vitamins like eggs, almonds, green veggies, etc. This will keep your hair well-nourished and protect them from any damage. Also, avoid skipping your breakfast, and make sure you eat all things healthy for your first meal at least.

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5. Experimenting Every Now & Then!

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Experimenting with your hair means using chemicals on your hair, which will ultimately result in damaging and thinning your hair! While you might feel great about your new style, your hair might not feel the same. Try to avoid using chemicals at all, but if you want to look stylish, you can go for some effective home remedies.

6. Sleeping On Those Cottony Pillows

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Cotton causes friction in your hair which leads to frizz and damage. So it is better that you avoid sleeping on cotton pillows and start using silk pillow cases instead, to get frizz-free and flawless hair the next morning.

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7. Detangling Them From Top To Bottom Altogether

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The best way to detangle your hair is to divide them into four section and them brushing them one by one. Brushing your hair all the way from top to bottom will only break them and cause unnecessary damage. Using the right technique is important to avoid any breakage or damage to your hair.

I guess, now that you are well aware of these habits that you follow everyday might be the reason behind your damaged hair, then you must avoid doing them further!

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