Only the pet parents know the perks of having a pet at home. It is no less than having a baby. The difference being that, a baby will grow up but a pet will forever be a baby. They become the most loved member of our family in no time. Even our favourite celebrities are not spared this blessing. Let’s have a look at these celebrities who have lost their heart to their furry babies. Be prepared to lose yours as well.

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1. Karan Kundra

Look at the fluffy monster sitting between his feet. No, he ain’t a stuffed toy. He’s a dog for real. It is believed that Karan Kundra often takes his dog with him on the sets of Love School. And guess what his name is? MONSTER. He isn’t a monster at any angle. Karan Kundra refuses to shoot where his dog is not allowed. So much love!

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Bhaalu #monster #love

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2. Shreya Ghoshal

If you check her Instagram account, you will see that Shreya’s life consists of only one thing: and that’s her love for her pets. Yes, there’s not one but many at her place. But her favourite one is a Golden Retriever, Sherlock. She believes that Sherlock is her first love. And that’s why he fetched her a red rose on the Valentine’s Day. Have a look.

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Happy Valentine's Day.. from @sherlockthefetcher

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Nephew Fred and Niece Ara. #cats #family #love

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3. Jacqueline Fernandez
She’s so in love with her feline that she never goes a week without posting her picture. Her pet cat Miumiu can be seen everywhere on her insta account. No wonder why this snow-white beauty steals all the limelight every time Jacqueline posts a picture with her. Want a cat now?

4. Virat Kohli
Just like Anushka, Virat is so much in love with his pet beagle, Bruno. He deserves all the love, don’t he? It seems like Anushka and Virat are in competition on ‘who’s having the cutest pet?’.

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5. Hrithik Roshan
Seems like, after separation from his wife, Hrithik found his solace in his children and his pet dog, Zane. No wonder why dogs are said to be healers. Hrithik is the newest addition to the family of pet parents. He’s happily enjoying parenting his new dog, Zane. Have a look.

6. Varun Dhawan
Even our junior Dhawan in not left behind in the pet parent brigade. You can find many pictures of Varun with show dogs which tell him of a great dog lover. After all, he’s having one at home. Angel, a beagle is allegedly the reason why Varun sometimes don’t want to go to work.

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When you don't want to go to work #angel😍

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Someone's upset

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7. Karan Patel
Ankita and Karan Patel welcomed a baby at their house. And no, it wasn’t a two-legged one. It was none other than a lab named Naughty. Karan fondly calls him his son. Have a look at the cute and adorable pictures of Naughty Patel on Karan Patel’s Instagram account.

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