7 Important Things You Should Never Do on a First Date

We can’ deny this fact that the future of the relationship is mostly dependent on the first date. Those few minutes can actually make your relationship and can break it too. So, if you want to have a perfect and memorable date then there are certain things you should never do on a first date. Here are the few things that you can keep in mind to have a perfect date and romantic date. 

1. Don’t be late

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Never be late on your first date as it indicates that you are careless, and which also drags your partner to an awkward situation which he/she does not want to face on their first date.

2. Don’t check your phone constantly

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Well, we agree that phone is your necessity but when you are on your first date, it is always better to avoid your phone as it will make your partner feel that you are not interested in him/her or you are not enjoying the company. The best thing that you can do at this time is to keep your phone face done which will actually make your partner happy. And this small gesture can also lead you to become a happy couple.

3. Don’t get drunk

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Having two drinks is fine but you should stop after the third drink. This is one of those important things you should never do on a first date.

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4. Avoid discussing about your past

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It is suggested that you should not discuss your past on your first date. It is good that you want to be honest, but it is not necessary to talk about your past love life. There are chances he/she might not be interested in your past.

5. Don’t order too little or too much

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This is one of the tough things that one needs to decide on their first date. The simple trick is to find a perfect balance or by taking consent from your partner before ordering the food.

6. Who will pay the bill?

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This is the most awkward moment that most people face. If you are the guy, then it is pretty obvious that you want to pay the bill. But there are few girls who also want to contribute to the bill so at that time you can decide on the basis of the mutual consent and then pay off the bill.

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7. Don’t experiment while choosing a venue

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Always try to play safely while choosing a venue for your date. The best is the one where you both are comfortable. The familiar place is a good option to get along.

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