The pain of being apart from your beloved can be felt exclusively during this one week- Valentine’s Week. Long distance relationship can be awkward and sometimes the worst when people around you are celebrating the festival of love with their darling. You can just close your eyes and imagine yourself in the embrace of your beau. But do you know there’s actually no need to dishearten yourself? So, what if your partner is living away from you. Valentine day can bring you closer than ever.

How? Let’s see that.

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1. Write a Handwritten Letter
In the world of social media advancement, the tiny pleasures of handwritten letters and postcards are disregarded. No matter how fancy a smiley-loaded WhatsApp message might look, but it cannot beat the efforts put in a hand-written letter. Write a letter, telling him how much you miss him. Spray your signature fragrance to remind him of your presence.

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2. Arrange a Skype Dinner Date
Your partner will love it when you’re being pampered. If not by him then by yourself. Order your favourite food and ask him to the same. Set them in front of the camera and talk to each other while dining. That’s how you have a virtual dinner date.

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3. Send Him a Gift Package of his Favourite Things
A bottle of wine, maybe? Okay, if that’s too much, you can send him his favourite grooming products, perfume, chocolate, etc. Send him the gift card to his favourite café. So what if you’re not with him on this special day? He deserves all the pampering.

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4. Keep a Jar and Everyday You’re Away, Write a Thing About Him That You Love
Imagine how enchanting it would be to exchange the jar when you’ll finally meet. Drop a chit for each day you’re away from each other. Write the things you love about him. This will make the time you live away from each other, a bit easier. Handle him the jar when you meet him in person.

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5. Surprise Him by Giving Him a Wake-Up Call in the Morning
Do you save your everyday phone call for the night? Then there’s no better way to surprise him than to wake him up with your sweet voice. If you’re staying away on this Valentine Day, then wake up early in the morning and wake him up with a phone call. When you finish your day, call him up to ask how his day went. Fall asleep while talking on the phone so that you feel that you’ve fallen asleep next to each other.

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6. Who Says You Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day Only On 14th Feb?
Love can be celebrated whole year round. There’s no single day that can be assigned to love. If due to some occupations, you’re not able to spend the V-day together, then celebrate your love on any other day later. Make a point that when you meet, you’re going to make the meeting special. Don’t let him know about your plans, keep it a secret and surprise him.

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7. If Possible, Plan a Surprise Visit to Him
Letters, roses, gifts, etc. are romantic. But everything is trivial as compared to a glimpse of your loved one. Right? If possible, make an impromptu visit to your love’s. Bring him the food he loves and enjoys the evening with each other, in real-time.

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