7 Secret Gossips Of Typical Indian Bahus About Their ‘Mom-In-Laws’

Just the mere word ‘Mom-in-law’ is enough to trigger hours long discussion and gossip sessions. And if you see a group of newly married women, the only discussion that you ‘accidently’ overheard was definitely all about their Saasu Maa.

No matter how much ‘extra’ effort bahus make to become their best friends, something or the other is left for all mothers-in-law. This what every bahu secretly talks about over and over, in every conversation we have ever heard of!

Some conversations take an interesting turn and end up with the others wiping their tears off, either from the laughter or from the emotional contentment that they all share. So, we decided not to be the only judge here and shared a few ‘secret’ talks that we ‘accidently’ overheard, between the bahus and their friends.

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1. “Her Daughter Is Allowed To Do It, But Not Me”

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This one is an exclusive explanation of how much love moms have for their daughters, even after she gets married. Like their bahus are not anyone’s daughter, right! No matter how hard and with so much dedication the bahu is serving for the entire family, it all goes in vain as soon as the beti of the house enters the premises. Her perfection can even put Tulsi (of Kyunki…) to a shame and no one, not even Sanjeev Kapoor can cook better than her daughter. All that poor daughter-in-law left to do is listen!

2. “She Thinks That He Is Still Her Little Baby & Will Stay That Way Forever”

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If you have ever watched the movie Raja Babu, then I guess you must have a fair idea of how far things can go when a mother gets down to pamper her ‘laadla beta’. Most of the times, daughters-in-law are noticed to be complaining about their Saas ka Atoot Pyaar for their sons, and the extent to which they are relying on their mother for everything. Well, it might get annoying sometimes, having nothing to share with your husband!

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3. “Maybe She Is Plain Crazy Or Simply Suffering From Split Personality Disorder”

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This is one topic that bahus can’t get enough of! How their bechari saasu maa who does all the house chores and transforms into a queen of the throne as soon as their raja beta steps out the house. Every daughter-in-law cringes about the evilness that their criticizing mom-in-law showers on them, for whatever they do. nothing can ever be good enough for them, especially not their bahu!

4. “I Feel Like She Is A Superwoman! She Manages Everything So Perfectly AT All Times”

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All the bahus envy (& equally Respect) their Saasu Maa for their perfection at managing everything without creating any mess and complaining. It’s hard to deny the fact that their years and years of experience have made them so tough and an expert in almost everything that the Bahus are new at. So, every time a daughter-in-law cribs about how their ‘perfect (more like experienced) mom-in-law looks out for a chance to make them realize this thing, this points us into a whole new level of discussion.

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5. “Why Must I Cook Just The Way She Does?”

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This is another thing that the newlyweds can’t ever resist talking about! Why do I have to cook the same way Mummyji does, I have a taste of my own? Where everybody loves Saasu Maa Ke Haath Ke spicy Chhole and crispy Bhindi, but “Bahurani ke haath me who baat kahan”!

6. A Dash Of Sarcasm Is Necessary In Every Talk From Saasu Maa!

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The best weapon every Saasu Maa uses to end conversations is to add a dash of sarcasm to shut the Bahus up. Like saying “tumare ghar me aesa hota hoga beta, humare yahan aesa nhi hota, beta” is their best sarcastic statement of all times! And when dear mom-in-law has to tell something old and traditional to her dear bahu, the ending statement is always “tumne toh yeh sab suna hi nhi hoga na, isiliye bata rahi this, beta”!

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7. And Apparently, bahu Made Her Laadla into Joru Ka Ghulam After Marriage

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The last but not the least to make a point of gossip, is the fact that many mothers-in-law are convinced on how their bahus had done black magic on their sons to control them and turn them into joru ka Ghulam, after their marriage. Come on ladies, isn’t this a bit too far, even as per your standards!

So, the next time you ‘accidently’ overhear a group of newlywed friends, share your experience with us and their spicy gossips sessions!

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