7 Shocking Facts About Your Belly Button That You Didn’t Know!

Our belly button is nothing but the remnant of the umbilical cord that has been cut when you were born. The shape of the umbilical cord depends on the way it has been cut at the time of the birth.

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Some of us wash our belly button when we take a shower. But we usually don’t when we’re running late. This can cause dirt accumulation in that tiny zone of your body. Here are some facts about your belly button that will shock you!

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1. Fact 1:
There are more than 65 types of bacteria found in the belly button. Apart from this, there are remnants of soap, dead skin, sweat and debris in the belly button.

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2. Fact 2:
If not taken care of properly, you can contract yeast infection there. If you have this infection, then your baby is prone to getting yeast infection as well.

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3. Fact 3:
If you want to check whether you have yeast infection or not, then look for the following symptoms: redness, itchiness, smell, pain or discharge. Go to your doctor to get it treated.

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4. Fact 4:
Use a clean cotton swab to clean your belly button. Dip the cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and wipe your belly button with it. Don’t use too much of alcohol as it might cause dryness. Just one or two drops are enough.

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5. Fact 5:
Your belly button is an erogenous zone of your body. It responds to simulative touch. Any touch there can stimulate the genitals.

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6. Fact 6:
The bacteria living there in the belly button are not harmful. Though when not cleaned for a longer time, the balance between healthy bacteria and unhealthy bacteria can be disturbed.

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7. Fact 7:
Just like any other part of the body, the hygiene of your belly button shouldn’t be ignored. You should occasionally clean the area with a cotton swab.

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8. Fact 8:
Belly button piercing looks good, but it is better to avoid them. If your skin is sensitive, it might catch infections. Cleaning the belly button piercing is a difficult task as well.

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