7 Unknown Facts About The Magical Relationship of Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli

Time and again, these two celebrities never fail to entertain media and their fans with some interesting controversies and news!
An epic love story of a young, successful and dashing cricketer and a beautiful, positive and hot actress. Yes, we are talking about Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma! Where this lovely couple seeks, and demands for the utmost privacy, this article will surely interest you with some unknown facts that we have gathered on them.

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Let’s check out these 7 interesting and unknown facts that will leave you more in love with these two adorable cuties.

1. This Feat Was Possible Only By Shahrukh’s Effort
It was Shahrukh’s witty humor that leads these two love-birds to each other, and comes out in the open! Arranging a mock swayamvar for Virat Kohli, at the opening ceremony of that year’s IPL, Shahrukh gave him 8 options to choose from and it is a no-brainer who he picked!

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2. What Makes Virat Fall For Her Lady Love, Every Time?
They both share honesty and believe in simplicity, and this is what makes Virat fall in love with Anushka, again and again! And it’s Virat’s passion and dedication towards his career and cricket that makes Anushka go weak in the knees.

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3. About That Classic First Fight
No matter what, fights or breakups, we have seen them both take stands for each other, time and again. Be it against internet trolls or blame games, the duo has always supported and understood each other. But with Virat being conscious about his lady love, got upset with her about the steamy hot shoot for men’s magazine cover. And this is what lead to their split, ultimately.

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4. The Way They Wear The Same Necklace #Couplegoals
This one is a major Aww! Both Anushka and Virat were spotted wearing the same dog tag chains. Well, it is their “thing” we guess.

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5. Now That The Beard Ain’t Going Nowhere!
This just gave every other guy a reason to crib and burn, for their girls hating their beard! Recently, Virat posted a picture of himself and engaged in some chatty commenting, only then his lady love Anushka stepped in with “You Cannot!” comment. To which, Kohli obliged happily, showing his respect and love for her, to the world.

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6. Why Did They Call It Quits The First Time?
Reportedly, the proximity of Anushka’s exposure in her acting career made Kohli a little unhappy. And he asked her to quit, which she obviously didn’t! this lead to disagreement and ultimately to the breakup. But they worked it out later and are now back with each other, living their lives happily.

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7. How Did They Actually Met?
As per the popular belief, Anushka and Virat first met on the shooting sets of a shampoo commercial, but that’s not really true! It was Ranveer Singh, who introduced Anushka to our handsome cricketer, Virat and since then, the sparks of love started to fly between the two.

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Enjoy these wonderful facts about this cutesy couple and share your reviews with us in the comment section below!

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