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7 Unknown Facts Men Should Know About Women Private Parts


In today’s liberal world, it’s quite common to talk about one’s sexual preferences and interest in genders. Still, there are a few things which are a taboo when it comes to discussion and one such topic is private parts.

It is the most important part of our body and one should have a complete info about it. Getting knowledge on your own is not enough once it related to private parts. You should be aware of it especially when you are linked with someone sexually.

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Here are some facts that every man should know about women private parts which are all about “V”:

1. It’s more complex than what you see

It's more complex than what you seeImage Source: 

Women private parts are a bit complex as compared to men. The exterior part of a female sex organ is known as vagina which connects the vulva with the cervix.

2. Using condom is not enough

Using condom is not enoughImage Source: 

Many people believe that condoms can avoid STDs but in reality, there are chances that you might get STD even after using it. This happens because when you come in contact with the infectious skin of scrotum which makes men catch diseases like herpes and pubic lice too.

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3. Hair down there plays a significant role

Hair down there plays a significant roleImage Source: 

A girl starts getting hair around her private parts when she hits puberty. But these unnecessary hair plays a very important role as it protects the vagina, signals your partner that you are ready for an intercourse and also attracts your potential partner.

4. It varies in every woman

It varies in every womanImage Source: 

Just like the looks and skin colour, every lady has its own unique private part which differs in colour, size, shape, and smell.

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5. Pain during intercourse is common

Pain during intercourse is commonImage Source: 

It is quite common to have a pain during an intercourse. Around 30% women have experienced pain during an intercourse which is a condition known as vulvodynia. One can avoid this by using more lubricants and comfortable positions while intercourse.

6. Can grow in size

Can grow in sizeImage Source: 

There are chances that the private parts can grow in size once they are aroused. It can increase the size double to the original. This process is known as vaginal tenting.

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7. It cleans on its own

It cleans on its ownImage Source: 

Do you know that private parts clean on its own? Yes, vagina can clean itself. All you need is water and soap and you are done.

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