8 After effects of Permanent Hair Straightening

Every girl dreams to have straight hair and it has always been a trend. And it is completely safe to say that this trend is going anywhere as there are still countless women who are taking up expensive procedures and treatments to make their hair straight. There are women who take up the permanent hair straightening treatments and there are few who use hair straighteners on regular basis to make their hair straight. But do you guys know that permanent hair straightening also has side effects? Yes, it is true this simple treatment can damage your hair badly. So, here we have listed some after effects of permanent hair straightening that you should know.

1. Allergy

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The products which are used during the hair straightening process for altering the texture of your strands may cause allergy as they are loaded with harsh chemicals. So, it becomes more important that you pick the right product for straightening your mane.

2. Dullness

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Another side effect of straightening is dullness as it strips away all the natural shine and oil from your mane which makes it look lifeless and dull. Still, you can restore the natural look of your mane by applying oil regularly to your mane.

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3. Damages cuticle

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Another side effect of straightening that every woman should be aware of. This beauty procedure can damage your cuticles badly which is irreversible. This can further make your hair appear unhealthy and weak.

4. Hair fall

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This is the most common side effect of hair straightening  because the harsh products and chemicals used during this beauty treatment can make your hair roots weak which cause excessive hair loss.

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5. Burnt out strands

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Frequent use of straighteners can make your strands burn and can make it rough too. This another common side effect of permanent hair straightening.

6. Dryness

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This beauty treatment can make your hair dry and dehydrated. This also happens because of the excess use of heat hair styling tools and other chemical used for straightening hair.

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7. Impact on hair growth

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According to various health experts, permanent hair straightening can make affect the hair growth process. This can also happen because of the heat and chemicals used for this treatment which further damages your follicles.

8. Brittle hair

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During the hair straightening process, both chemical and heat is used which can make your mane brittle. This also makes your mane look unhealthy. So, to prevent this include hair serum in your beauty regime to give your hair a boost of hydration.

So, these were the few after effects of permanent hair straightening.

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