8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Bananas

Most of us are aware of the vast health benefits of ripped bananas, but very few of us might be knowing about the great effective use and health benefits of raw green bananas!

Raw bananas differ in taste, composition and texture, so its health benefits re also different from the ripped bananas. But unlike the ripped bananas, raw bananas cannot be consumed without boiling or cooking.

There are a vast variety of dishes that can be made from raw bananas, and with are great for your health and body. Even some like to eat various snacks made from raw banana, like banana chips or bhujiya, and much more.

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Here are top 8 health benefits of the amazing raw banana, and why it is good to include them in your meal.

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1. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes
Raw banana has resistant starch, which does not get absorbed by the small intestine. Due to it’s this quality, it becomes an effective ingredient to keep type-2 diabetes at bay.

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2. Improves Functioning Of Digestive System
What could be the better reason to eat raw bananas than it helping to improve your digestive system? Due to the presence of high fibre in raw bananas, it is great in improving the affecting functioning of your bowel movements and digestive tract.

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3. Enriched With Potassium
Foods that are rich in potassium promotes the proper functioning of nerves and also circulates the blood to purify it. Raw bananas are enriched with potassium that makes them a great ingredient for a healthy body and mind. It also helps balance the muscle movements.

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4. Keeps Your Gut Healthy
Consuming raw bananas help to keep your gut healthy, by helping the probiotic bacteria to promote happy gut. Probiotic bacteria are good bacteria that are responsible for the gut health.

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5. Rich In Vitamins
Raw banana is a high source of nutrients and vitamins, that helps promote good health. Green bananas are rich in vitamin C and B6, which helps regulate blood sugar and increase the hemoglobin levels.

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6. Helps In Treating Diarrhea
Well-cooked dishes of raw banana can help in treating diarrhea or the symptoms of it, such as fatigue, nausea and headache. The presence of high content of nutrients is what helps our body to tackle with diarrhea.

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7. Great Food For Diabetic Diet
Raw banana has a lesser sugar content as compared to ripped bananas, which makes it a great ingredient for type-2 diabetes patients to include it in their diets.

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8. Helps In Weight Loss
Raw banana has high fibre content, which makes it a great ingredient for losing weight and helps you keep fuller for a longer time. Thus, reducing your hunger or cravings to eat unnecessary things that make you

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