8 Amazing Things Your Ring Finger Says About You!

Palmistry is an interesting thing. But here we’re not going to read your palms. We will reveal a lot of secrets about you through your hands. The growth of your ring fingers depends on the exposure to testosterone in the womb. Greater the exposure to testosterone, the larger will be the difference in the lengths of the index finger and ring finger. This is the reason why men have a larger difference between their ring finger and index finger.

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It has also been believed that the length of ring finger also depends on the personality of the individual. Here are the revelations made about the personality based on the length of the ring finger. So, let’s begin the personality evaluation.
When Your Ring Finger is Shorter Than Your Index Finger

The shorter your ring finger, greater your exposure to testosterone. Here are your personality traits.

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1. You excel in endurance. You love sports as compared to other women of your age.
2. You love maths and brain games. Women who have a higher level of testosterones are good at mental exercises.
3. You are more prone to jump from one partner to other in a relationship. You will be more likely to be attracted to other men.

There are chances that you can be attracted to other women as well!

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When Your Ring Finger is Equal to Index Finger in Length

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1. You’re a hard and a faithful lover. You favour monogamy than philandering. Women who have higher levels of female hormones are more likely to stick around the same partner throughout the life.
2. You have an incredible memory. Low levels of testosterone have to be credited for it. It is very easy for you to remember things. Therefore, you’re one who remembers the dates for everything whether they are the due dates or the birthdays.
3. You’re more prone to depression and anxiety-related disorders. People with higher levels of female hormones are more likely to suffer from mental disorders in their life.
4. You believe in monogamy. You will remain faithful to one partner throughout the life. You believe in the institution of marriage. Women who have higher levels of female hormones are monoamorous. They have their belief in one love.

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