8 Hairstyles for Indo-Western Outfits

Women never leave any stone unturned when it comes to looking beautiful. They can find any way to look gorgeous in a party or a college hangout. One of those ways is changing the hairstyle you wear. You can go on with a traditional braid or a bun for Indian Outfits but for the Western attire the options are limited. You have to choose your hairstyle carefully to look elegant yet chic. Let’s take a quick glance on the hairstyles which can go well with the Indo-Western outfits like saree gowns, dhoti pants, draped sarees, long gowns, etc. I bet you’ll be able to attract eyeballs with these simple hairstyles.

1. Super Sleek Straight Hair
The cute kitty Sonam Kapoor know how to rock the hairstyle as simple as Super Sleek Straight Hair. The leafy thin hair is aptly parted in the middle makes her elegant while adding the glam to her look. Any type of jewellery goes well with this hairstyle and adds more to her goddess-like look.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits1Image Source: pink255

2. Bouffant Ponytail
Ponytails are not only suitable for the gym or the coaching classes. This is the type of hairstyle which works on both short and long hair. You can wear them to the brunch, hang out or an office meeting. You just need to get a teasing brush ready. Get the puffed look for your hair on the parting side and cherish the retro charm.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits2Image Source: huffpost

3. Side Swept Curls
This hairstyle is running up like Usain Bolt these days. Whether it’s day or the night party, you can glamify your look by wearing this hairstyle. You can look hot for the date night while looking elegant for a general occasion. They are universally flattering and add an oomph to your sex appeal. If you want to look seductive while looking romantic you can wear this hairstyle. This won’t disappoint you.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits3Image Source: amazingwallpapers

4. Middle Parted Hairstyle with a Head Piece
There is something extra about this hairstyle. No one ever looks off beat wearing this hairstyle. It is both appealing and graceful. What else do you we need? Just a headpiece! You can customize your headpiece depending upon the occasion you’re wearing it to. This hairstyle will make you subtle yet tempting for ceremonial dos.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits4Image Source: aliimg

5. Messy Updo
You can look fantastic by just adding ‘Messy’ to your hairstyle. Whether it’s a side bun or a ponytail, messy hairstyles add an oomph to your persona. You can wear this hairstyle for a casual occasion as well as for the occasions as elegant as the red carpet. This hairstyle will add charm to your Indo-Western Avatar.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits5Image Source: ytimg

6. Parted Sleek Ponytail
Who doesn’t want to look a sexy and sweet lass who rocks the town with hair parted sleek ponytail? This hairstyle is the saviour for women when they go through a bad hair day. The bad hair has enough to ruin your day, so why let a hairstyle ruin it further? This shady hairstyle makes you look truly like an IT girl. You can look sporty as well delicate in this one hairstyle.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits6Image Source: stylenoted

7. Half-up Half-down Wavy hairstyle
Best of both the worlds are combined in this single hairstyle. They give you a refined look while making it tough enough to suit the western side of your attire. These hairstyles look uber cool in the summers. You can wear them with you tank tops and crop tops as well.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits7Image Source: ytimg

8. Loose Waves
This is the eternal member of the hairstyle society. Loose waves can’t go out of vogue in the coming years. This is the feel free hairstyle which goes well with any kind of dress you’re wearing. It is perfect for your office avatar as well as for Miami beachy avatar. You just need a medium to long hair to create your own beachy curls.

hairstyles for indo-western Outfits8Image Source: ytimg

So, let us know which hairstyle worked well with your Indo-Western look.