8 Magical Flowers That Are Used for Skin and Hair Beauty!

Flowers are the epitome of beauty. They are simply a work of art by none other than the almighty god. If there’s something that has neared perfection to the fullest in this world, it’s flowers. The motive behind discussing flowers in this blogs is simple that even something so commonly available as flowers can be used for our beauty. Everything becomes beautiful with some flowers in it. So, we thought, why don’t we use the magical properties of flowers for our beauty anymore? In fact, people in the ancient times used the flowers for making their cosmetics and home remedies. There is more than a single way to use flowers for your beauty. You can use flowers in your toner, astringent, lotion, soap, etc. Flowers are everywhere. So, here at khoobsurati we’re going to share some mind-blowing recipes to use flowers in your beauty regime.

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1. Bergamot (Jambhi)
Bergamot has been used in many of the beauty treatments since quite a long time. You can splash a strong tea prepared with the bergamot flowers on your face as an astringent. You can boil 500 gms of the bergamot flowers in a litre of water and use it to rinse your hair. It is an excellent tonic for strengthening your hair.

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2. Calendula (Genda)
In India, this flower is commonly known as marigold. The petals of this flowers are edible. And the calendula oil has been used for skincare since ages. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The paste prepared from the petals of this plant can be used to treat blemishes. Prepare a tea with the flowers and use it in your baby’s bath to soothe diaper rashes.

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3. Carnation (Gulnaar)
The aromatic vinegar prepared from carnation leaves can be used as an excellent remedy for stress. Take 100 ml of vinegar and add 10 carnation flowers. Let it sit for a day. Add this vinegar to your bath water and enjoy a soothing bath.

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4. Chamomile
Now chamomile is easily available in all the cafes and stores. It is known to be inducing the sleep. In many ancient medical practices, chamomile has been used to promote beauty. It soothes the puffiness around the eyes. Use chamomile tea as a compress on your eyes and get rid of dark circles.

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5. Dandelion (Kukraundha)
Dandelion means Lion’s tooth in French. It is a powerful diuretic. Dandelion is also used for enhancing beauty. You can prepare a tea from both the flowers and leaves of dandelion. Use the tea as a facial mist to treat redness and eczema. You can also steep the flower petals in cold pressed olive oil. Massage this oil into your skin and hair.

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6. Jasmine (Chameli)
Jasmine, when infused in white vinegar, can be used in making a glorious bath. You can also add jasmine petals in the almond oil and massage it on your body. Steep some jasmine petals in the mineral water and prepare a DIY facial mist for yourself. Spritz the mist whenever you need freshening up. Store the mist in the fridge and use it daily to see the magical differences.

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7. Pansy
This magical flower contains salicylic acid which is no less than a blessing for oily skin. It makes good skin astringent and mist. Take some pansy flowers and boil them in a litre of water. Let it cool down. Spray it on your face. You can also use the paste of the petals to soothe the inflammation.

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8. Tuberose (Rajnigandha)
This flower is easily available with the florists. It is commonly known as Rajanigandha in India. Make a perfumed massage oil using the tuberose flowers. Take 200 ml of rice bran oil and add 20 flowers in it. Let it sit for seven days before using it.

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