8 Simple Everyday Hair Care Rules For Combination Hair Type

People often confuse dry hair and combination hair as the same. But to make it clear for you, let us tell you that combination hair is extremely oily from the scalp and dry on the tips. Making it quite difficult for them to manage and pick one product that would suit their texture.

In this article, you will read about some simple and everyday hair care rules that will you flaunt those beautiful tresses without any care for the world. Though, you need to be careful before trying any new products for the next time.

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So, let’s start by following these simple tricks that have been tested and tried by the hair experts and suggest you follow regularly as well.

1. Regular Shampooing & Conditioning

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It is important for the combination hair type girls to shampoo and condition well, to maintain your hair. You can dilute your shampoo first and then apply it on your scalp to massage and remove the buildup first and then follow with a good conditioner. This way you will get moisturized and hydrated scalp too.

2. Natural Oils For Champi

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Natural oils help better than those chemical laden market-based hair oils, to maintain and manage your combination hair type. All you need to do is take a natural hair oil like coconut oil and warm it to make lukewarm. Now use it to massage on your scalp and cover your hair with a towel. Keep it overnight and was off the next morning. Use a mild shampoo. You will start to feel the difference immediately.

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3. Switch Those Hot Water Showers To Cold

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Hot water may remove the oil from your scalp, but this will leave it overdried, and super-frizzy. Use lukewarm water, or best, cold water to wash your hair, this will help them lock in the moisture and get rid of the excess oil.

4. Soft Bristled Hair Brush To Go

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What kind of hair brush you are using does matter and it plays a vital role in managing the health of your hair. using a soft bristled brush will help you distribute the oil from your scalp evenly from the unsaturated areas and to the tips of your hair. so pick a hair brush that is soft on your scalp.

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5. Clarifying Shampoo To Control The Oily Scalp

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Clarifying shampoos are known best for removing the buildup from your scalp, and you should follow this treatment at least once in a week. Pick a paraben-free shampoo that will keep your hair healthy, and strengthen hair follicles. Clarifying shampoos help to maintain a good pH level of your hair.

6. Honey For Neat & Clear Scalp

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Honey naturally moisturizes your scalp and hair, leaving your hair hydrated, shinier and stronger. Simply take a small amount of honey and apply it on the roots and the tips of your hair. rinse off after an hour, using cold water. Do this twice a week to get soft and supple hair.

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7. Limited Use Of Styling Machines

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Styling is necessary, yes, but preventing your hair from damage is essential too! We would like to suggest you limit the use of styling machines on your hair. Curling irons or hair straighteners will only leave you with more oily scalp and damages your tresses beyond repair.

8. Baby Powder For Dry Shampoo

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We have been telling you this for a long time now, that baby powder makes one of the best dry shampoo, that do only good and no harm to your scalp or tresses. All you need to do is take some baby powder and apply it carefully on your scalp. Now use a hair brush to comb your tresses from scalp to the tips. This will evenly distribute the baby powder in your tresses and add volume to them.

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Simply follow these rules, and you will get beautiful and manageable hair in no time. Share any personal tricks that you use to get flawless hair. Comment in the section below.

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