We all love monsoons and can’t resist ourselves from getting soaked in the showers. But we can’t really overlook the susceptibility of infections during this very same season. First of all, you should strictly say no to fast food during the rainy season. Eat only home-cooked hygienic food. Do you want to spend the rest of the season on complete bed rest? No, I guess! So you should take some precautionary measures to fortify your immune system. Here are some 8 superfoods which are our best friends in monsoons.

1. Eggs/Pulses
Both being the good source of proteins. Plus, pulses boost up your immunity.

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2. Fresh Fruits
Cherries, jamun, green almonds, peaches, and plums are the fruits abundantly available during monsoons. They boost antioxidants and vitamins and hence build up immunity.

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3. Nuts
Walnut, almonds, prunes and dates provide sufficient amount of energy and antioxidants. They also boost immunity.

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4. Turmeric Milk
It has rich antioxidants properties and it does wonder to fight against viral and bacterial infections.

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5. Kesar Milk
Kesar is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It is a powerful drink to have in monsoons.

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6. Soups
Soups are tasty as well as nutritious. It reduces inflammation and fights bacterial diseases.

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7. Garlic, Pepper, and Ginger
All these three ingredients aid in digestion. Use them in your curry to enhance taste and boost immunity.

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8. Herbal Tea
Herbal tea like Tulsi and Chamomile Tea have rich quantities of antioxidants to ensure better immunity. You can have your regular tea infused with Tulsi leaves as well.

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