8 Things About Pregnancy That You Should Know

things about pregnancy

When women get pregnant, there are a lot of people who tell them that how lucky they are. Yes, it’s true that it is an amazing feeling but, one should know that every pregnancy is different. During this phase, women experience various things which they have not faced until the time they got pregnant. So, here we have listed some things about pregnancy that no one is going to tell you.

1. Itching

 ItchingImage Source: momjunction

Around the seventh month of the pregnancy, many women start to experience itching around their belly. It does not affect every pregnant woman still, it is very common. The itching sensation is caused by the stretching of the skin which takes place when the womb expands. But, you can still prevent this condition by applying moisturizer. Generally, the itching goes away in few days.

2. Weird thoughts

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It is normal to have weird thoughts during pregnancy as a mother-to-be you needs to carry a baby all around which makes your mind full of doubts and concerns. In some cases, ladies also start to have second thoughts about being pregnant. So, if such thoughts arise in your head, make sure you talk about this to your doctor and spouse to avoid depression and other health conditions.

3. Spider veins

 Spider veinsImage Source: fittobepregnantnow

These are the purple striations that appear during the fourth month of pregnancy which become visible because of the strain and stress of pregnancy. But, don’t worry as they disappear after delivery. Still, if they don’t disappear, you can opt for saline injections and laser treatments to make them fade.

4. Bad dreams

Bad dreamsImage Source: wp

It is normal to have an intense dream during pregnancy. The dreams can vary as some have pleasant ones and some also face nightmares in which they see bad things happening to their baby. So, if you face this situation, then it is suggested that you should discuss this with someone whom you trust as it will help you feel relaxed.

5. Constipation

 ConstipationImage Source: medicalnewstoday

There are many women who feel surprised when they suffer constipation during pregnancy. It is caused because, during pregnancy, your womb expands and exerts a lot of pressure on your intestines that can lead to constipation. So, it is advised that you should consume food rich in fiber and roughage. Besides this, also try to drink a lot of water as it will help smooth bowel movements.

6. Lactation before childbirth

Lactation before childbirthImage Source: readersdigest

It is normal for the lactation to start during the third month of pregnancy because of the high level of prolactin hormone present in the body. It can also appear because of the massage or heat. So, if you lactate more often try using nursing pads. And don’t be scared instead feel confident as your newborn will have plenty of milk.

7. Bleeding gums

Bleeding gumsImage Source: babycenter

Another thing about pregnancy that no one makes you aware of. During pregnancy, there are certain hormones that can increase the blood flow to your nose and mouth that can lead to bleeding which is quite normal. So, if you face this issue, try to maintain your oral hygiene by brushing frequently.

8. Low energy levels

Low energy levelsImage Source: medicalnewstoday

It is normal for a pregnant woman to get tired easily during this phase. And if a woman is pregnant for the first time, then chances are that she may feel intense fatigue which is very common during the first and third month. So, it is advised that you should take rest as much as possible and try to have healthy food.

So, these were the few things about pregnancy.