Today, the trend of nose piercing is making a comeback. There was a time when women considered nose piercing a thing of yesterday. But now, this piercing trend is worn just like a fashion apparel. But piercing is not as easy-to-go as it seems. You need to take proper care of the piercing till it is properly healed. If you have any doubt related to the piercing, ask your piercer without any hesitance. Before going to the piercing parlour, you should do your homework well.

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1. It Might or It Might Not Hurt
The pain depends totally on your pain threshold. For some, nose piercing can be painful while for some it feels just like a pinch. But it is certainly not unbearable. Though, it can pain after the piercing is done.

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2. Choose the Nose Ring Beforehand
Nowadays many types of fashionable rings are available in the market. But the foremost thing is, you should know which metal will suit your skin the best. Most of the people prefer silver for the initial days as silver is cold in nature. Don’t wear artificial nose ring at all, it might cause infections.

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3. Problems During Cold
If during the initial days of your piercing you fall ill and suffer from cold, then there might be some problems. You need to be very careful while cleaning the piercing from the mucus. If you don’t clean the piercing regularly, it might as well get infected. Use a nasal decongestant spray.

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4. Don’t Remove the Nose Ring
If you remove the nose ring in order to clean it, then make sure that you don’t leave your piercing vacant for too long. This can cause your piercing to heal. You can leave your piercing vacant after one year, but not for too long.

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5. Clean Your Piercing Daily
Make it a point to clean the piercing regularly for the few initial days. Enquire your piercer on how to clean your piercing without damaging it.

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6. Infections
There are sure chances of catching an infection after piercing. It can swell your piercing and pain a bit. This happens due to improper aftercare. If you see any fluid coming out of the piercing, then consult your doctor immediately. He will remove the ring to stop the further infection.

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7. Research the Best Piercer
Research among your friends and family who’ve got their nose pierced about their piercers. When you’re satisfied with the result, go for a quality and trusted piercer. Make sure that he follows the proper and clean methods.

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8. After Care for 3 Months
You have to take extra care of your piercing for the first 3 months after the piercing. Wash it twice a day with saline solution. Don’t scratch or pick at the nose. Sanitise your hands with a sanitizer before touching your piercing. Be careful while wiping your face with a towel. Seek your friends or mom’s help while wearing clothes.

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