8 Times Bollywood Celebrated Female Friendship in a Realistic Manner

Bro code is something we all know. But why isn’t there any girl code or sister code? This happens to be the result of a common notion that two girls can’t be best friends ever. They will eventually get struck by the jealousy and insecurity sooner or later. Women relationships are often viewed as the problematic elements. Sholay is famous for celebrating the man-to-man friendship and a strong bro-code. The list of movies lauding the male friendships is endless. But the time has shown a bit of tilt-shift recently.

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This era of cinema signals all the women folk to value female friendship in a more realistic manner. It is not written in stone that women have to be shitty, jealous and bitchy. These movies are no less than a breath of fresh air amidst all the bromance and bro-code celebrating movies.

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1. Pink
The list won’t be said to be concluded if we hadn’t included Pink. While watching the movie, When Minal Arora (Taapsee Pannu) was being taken to jail, what we normally expect was that their friends might now flee from the scene. But the way the other two friends, Andrea and Falak held her back in the time of such a crisis was a bit indigestible but commendable. Shoojit Sircar craftily slid a hidden message: In the time of crisis, when the world is engulfed in patriarchy and misogyny, the women folk have to stand for each other as a rock-solid support.

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2. Dor
Nagesh Kukunoor’s Magnum Opus, Dor has depicted the true meaning of friendship in the most mature way. It taught us in a subtle manner that women can be a lighthouse to each other when the world is engulfed in patriarchy. Despite the socio-cultural difference, these two lead female protagonists of the movie developed an inexplicable bond with each other.

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3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
The movie was not all about travel goals and love. There was an another element which was overlooked by the majority of the audience. Despite everything that went wrong between Naina and Bunny, these two ladies Naina and Aditi chose to stick around for a lifetime. Ayan Mukherjee let out an incredible ode to female friendship is in this unsurpassed movie.

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4. Queen
There hasn’t been any other movie as empowering as Queen. When the man of her life left her alone on a crossroad, she found her solace in a girl named, Vijay. The chemistry between Vijay and Rani is perhaps the best between two females that has ever been portrayed in movies. This movie sends out a strong message to all the women out there: You don’t always need a man to get you out of the mess. Sometimes, a sweetheart is all it takes.

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5. Chak De India
Initially, the women were seen fighting over petty issues but later the bonding was as unbreakable as a rock. Despite the internal competition, these 12 women with stark different backgrounds, come together to achieve the impossible. The film is truly remarkable.

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6. Angry Indian Goddesses
This was the first ever Indian movie which was entirely made on an all-girls gang. The realistic situations in the movie and the petty little conversations on topics like sex, love, life and food make this movie stand apart from the crowd. The movie inspires us to break through this false notion of girl-on-girl jealousy and competition. Girls are not competitors; they can be the ones holding each other’s back instead.

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7. Lajja
While we all remember this movie for its beat-breaking song, Badi Mushkil, there was something else that should have been noticed. The unconditional bond between women who stood up for one another, is what that makes our hearts melt whenever we watch it. We need more of such flicks in Indian cinemas to break through this girl-on-girl hatred.

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8. Parched
The latest addition to the list. If you’re a woman who’s reading this post, then you must go and watch this movie. These three women, quite smaller in number to the misogynist men of the society, found their support in each other. This sole Indian movie based on a typical Indian village is far more realistic than any other movie based on a rural environment.

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