8 Ways to Reuse Your Old Toothbrush for Better

Reduce, reuse and recycle. That’s what the 3 R’s of the environment say. Do you know how much plastic waste we generate every year by throwing away the old toothbrushes? While tossing them away is inevitable. But why to throw them away when you can still bring the use out of them. Here are 8 ways in which you can reuse your old toothbrushes.

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1. To Clean Your Sneakers
Keep an old toothbrush in your shoe rack. They can be used to scrape off the accumulated dirt and mud on the soles of the shoes. You can also rub some detergent on your shoes and scrub it using your toothbrush to clean your shoes.

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2. Clean Your Keyboards
Use your old toothbrushes to clean the dirt trapped between the keys of your keyboard. Rub the old toothbrush gently over your keys daily on your keyboard. Don’t wet the toothbrush.

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3. Clean the Stains from Fabric
If you want to get rid of any stain from a sturdy fabric, then use an old toothbrush and some detergent on it. Scrub the fabric using an old toothbrush and your stains would be gone forever.

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4. Clean the Taps
Sprinkle some vinegar on the old tap and scrub the salt residue using an old toothbrush. The dirty ends of the faucet can be easily cleaned using an old toothbrush.

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5. Clean the Delicate Jewellery
The details and crevices of the jewellery can be cleaned using some baking soda and a toothbrush. Scrub off the dirt from the nooks and corners of your trinkets with the help of baking soda and an old toothbrush.

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6. Exfoliation
Use the old toothbrush to scrub your lips and your ankles. Apply some petroleum jelly on the toothbrush and scrub your lips using it. Similarly, use an old toothbrush and shampoo to scrub the dead skin cells off your heels.

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7. Cleaning Combs
The inner sides of the bristles are hard to reach for the detergents. You can clean your dirty combs using an old toothbrush.

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8. Clean the Kitchen Tiles
The grime is usually accumulated between the tiles, whether it’s your bathroom or your kitchen. Use the tile cleaning liquid to clean the tiles.

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