8 Wonderful Ways You Can Use Rock Salt (Sendha Namak) for Health & Beauty!

Is there any denial that our kitchen is the treasure trove for our beauty? No! There are so many things in our kitchen that are beneficial for us and we still are unaware of them. Salt being one of them. Here, we are not talking about the common salt. We’re talking about Rock Salt, the Sendha Namak. Did you know that the salt we eat during our fast is so beneficial for our health and beauty? Take a look how wonderful this thing called Rock Salt is.

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1. Soothes Sprains
Remember, your mother used to ask you to soak your feet in lukewarm water with Rock Salt. The reason behind it is that Rock Salt soothes the aching muscles and eases muscle sprains. All you have to do is, pour a cup of Rock Salt in a bucket of warm water. Soak the affected area in it for 15 minutes. You will notice the difference.

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2. Cures Constipation
Rock Salt is a saline laxative. It instantly detoxifies your digestive tract and eases the bowel movements. All you have to do is, just mix 1 tablespoon of Rock Salt in warm water. Drink it on empty stomach to ease constipation. Do this only once a day. If it doesn’t relieve your constipation, consult your doctor for a more permanent remedy.

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3. Regulate Blood Sugar
Rock Salt also boosts our body’s capability to produce insulin, thus reducing the risk of diabetes. Take Rock Salt regularly in your food to ensure proper levels of magnesium in your body, which regulates the levels of insulin.

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4. Ease Stress
Rock Salt can be used to ease stress. It is known to treat all sorts of pains in the body. You can pamper yourself with a relaxing Rock Salt bath after a rigorous workout session or a long day. Add 2-3 cups of Rock Salt in your bath water and soak for a few minutes. You will see your stress flying away in a jiffy.

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5. Exfoliates Skin
If you have sensitive skin, then homemade scrubs are better for you. Add a tablespoon of Rock Salt to your bath oil or normal olive oil. Scrub it on your wet body. Wipe it off using a wet washcloth.

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6. Cleansing Agent
Apart from exfoliating, it detoxifies your skin as well. Add a teaspoon of Rock Salt to your moisturizer. Massage it on your skin in gentle circular motions. You will notice that your face has become smoother and clearer.

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7. Eliminate Blackheads
Add a teaspoon of Rock Salt and few drops of iodine to a cup of hot water. Dab this solution on your nose with a cotton ball. Leave it for few minutes. The salt will dissolve away the blackheads and unclog your pores.

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8. Add Volume to Hair
Thin and limp hair is the problem faced by every woman. Rock Salt can be used to add volume to hair. Mix equal parts of Rock Salt and hair conditioner to your mane. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off. You will get instantly boosted mane and beachy curls.

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