9 Difficult Changes Newlywed Girls Usually Face In The First Year Of Marriage!

Marriage in itself is a challenge and the biggest change that a person could ever expect in their life! Marriage means a new beginning of a different life, a doorstep to another world and an invitation to the life’s most incredible challenges!

But for a girl, her whole world is turned upside down! From leaving her parents behind and the house she grew up into accepting new parent, family and life’s varied changes, a Nayi Naveli Dulhan has all the unknown and unexpected responsibilities on her shoulders.

It’s a whole new arena, with unfamiliar and new aspects of your life. And it’s completely okay to be baffled in such situations! But know this that it is only a matter of few days or months that you feel such complicated at times.

Here is a list of 9 things or situations that every newlywed girl will easily relate to, which happens during the first year of her marriage.

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1. Now There’s ‘A Man’ Residing In Your Room…With You!

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Be it an arranged or love marriage, or even if you two have had a live-in relationship together before the marriage, still sharing your personal space with a man is a very difficult situation to get adjusted to. We all know how men are, so getting used to having your husband sharing your room with you takes like forever.

2. In-Laws Are Your New Parents & Family!

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Of course, it’s great that you now have an extended family, but initially, it takes time to understand and accept someone else as your ‘mummy and papa’. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to win your new family’s heart and make them as your own.

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3. You Desperately Need That Warm Taste Of ‘Your Ghar Ka Khaana’

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Nothing can be as delicious and heartfelt as homecooked meals by your mom. And this will take the longest to get used to, even though you are being loved and served the most mouthwatering dishes at your new home!

4. That Weird Feeling Of Being A Grown Up ‘Woman’!

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All of a sudden, everything seems to be more practical, and meaningful, especially from the aspects of responsibilities and maturity, that everyone has been expecting from you since a long time. Now you realize what all have you been missing out on until now! Sometimes, it’s fun to be grown up too!

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5. Your ‘Routine’ Is Not Yours Anymore!

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We know that you have had a set routine for more than 20-something years, but now, whether you happily accept it or rather spend time struggling with it, your routine has completely changed. From those in bed morning coffees to the fun-filled evening schedules, nothing can be the same anymore!

6. You Need To Say, ‘Hold on’ To Your Amazing Girl Gang, For A While!

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Even though this is the time you need your girls the most, but you will have to make them wait for a few months before you catch up with your regular “Me & My Girls” time again! New house, new life, new changes, and too many expectations to live up to.

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7. Act Like What You Are Expected To Be, ‘Nayi Naveli Dulhan’!

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Well, this is the most impossible situation to tackle with! Being that Nayi Naveli Dulhan, wearing all that hefty jewelry and impeccable clothes, all the time, and for quite some time (say a few months). You are now remembering how much you miss lounging in your favorite PJs!

8. You Crave For Your ‘ME’ Time, Desperately!

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It gets a bit too overwhelming with everyone (in-laws and relatives) being around all the time! Even though you love him so much and had been craving to be with him, you still miss that alone time and that good book who were partners in solitude.

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9. Your New Life Maybe Fabulous, But Nothing Can Replace Your Mum-Dad!

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A girl can take all the above-stated challenges easily, but what about not seeing her mommy dearest first thing in the morning, and that evening tea with daddy in the garden! And not to forget those little (lovely) fights with the siblings. Well, don’t worry girl, it’s just a matter of time when you will soon get used to missing them and adjusting to your new life!

*Wiping tears* Don’t worry girls, it’s just a matter of time! You’ll soon learn to enjoy all of it. After all, your better half is waiting for you to reach out at the other end of your newly met relationship!

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