9 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind While Buying a Second-Hand Smartphone

Are you thinking about buying a high-end smartphone but your budget is limited? Did you ever think about buying a second-hand smartphone? Buying a second-hand smartphone is not a bad idea if taken care of few things. When you have the hefty price tags as a hindrance then buying a second-hand smartphone is actually a wise thing to do. We have compiled a handy guide for those who are wishing to buy a second-hand smartphone. Keep these 8 Do’s and Don’ts in your mind while buying a second-hand smartphone.

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1. Physical Condition
It is the first thing to consider while buying a second-hand smartphone. Properly examine the physical aspects of the phone before finalizing it. Casual drops will leave behind cracks and marks on the phone. If a phone has been dropped too many times it means that an internal damage is obvious. Don’t waste your money on a defective mobile phone.

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2. Touchscreen
Check thoroughly whether all the parts of the touchscreen are working well. Sometimes, even the new looking smartphones have malfunctioning touchscreen. Swipe fingers across the screen and tap on the elements on the screen. Open the keyboard and try typing all the alphabets on it.

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3. Check the Charging Port and Other Ports If Any
Check all the ports if they function well. Plug in your earphones and see if they are working. Use your laptop to check whether the USB port is working. If the laptop is able to connect to your smartphone, then the port is working finely.

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4. Don’t Buy Smartphones Which Were Purchased Abroad
Prefer the handsets which are brought in India. Please remember that the smartphone makers and service centres don’t offer guarantee and repair services for the smartphones bought abroad. Check the IMEI number on IMEIdetective.com. There you can get the information whether the phone being sold to you is stolen or lost.

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5. Check for the Box and All the In-Box Accessories
Ask for the original bill for the smartphone so that it gets repaired when needed. Cross check the IMEI number on the bill and the one which is displayed on the phone on dialing *#06#. If the original accessories are lacking, you can ask the seller to lessen the selling price.

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6. Check the Service Code Test
You can carry out this simple test to check whether all the components of the smartphone are working properly. All the smartphones have some secret codes. You can dial those codes in the dialer of the phone to check whether all the components of the phone are working well.

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7. Check for the Warranty
You can also get second-hand smartphones which fall still under the warranty period. It is best if you get a phone within the warranty period. You can also choose the devices which come with third-party insurance.

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8. Check the Camera
This is yet another must-check for purchasing a smartphone. It is very easy to find out whether the camera is functioning properly or not. Quickly click 2-3 pictures. Make sure that the camera lens is scratch free. If there is a physical button for the camera shutter, then check if it is functioning properly.

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9. Get the Best Price
Before finalizing the handset, check the local shops to see whether you’re getting the best deal or not. Although the price of the phone will be highly dependent on the condition of the smartphone. A second-hand smartphone with a warrant will be pricier than the one which doesn’t.

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