9 Glamorous Hair Accessories for Long Hair

Layered and lustrous hair looks stunning when it’s left open to style itself on its own. The messy and laid-back hair sometimes add charm to your look but when you’re heading for a party or a special occasion, you need to beautify your hair. And for that purpose, different hair accessories are present in the market today. These pretty hair accessories not only jazz up your hair but also add calmness and serenity to your face. So let’s find out the best hair accessories for our mane to make a style statement.

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1. Hairband
This type of hair accessories is not alien to you. They’ve been used since ages by the girls, to keep their hair off their face sometimes or to enhance their looks. But they have evolved to a great deal. They are no more a piece of plastic which keeps our hair back from our forehead. They are now available in different material, colours and patterns. For a wedding function, you can wear the band embellished with stones and pearls. But while purchasing a hair band for yourself, make sure it is according to the width of your head. Too loose hairbands can fall off your head every now and then while too many tight hairbands can give you headaches.

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2. Barrette
Barrettes are the piece of wood or plastic which come in a variety of shapes to keep your hair in place. They are available in all sizes to suit your hair length and thickness. This hair accessory is functional yet glamourous.

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3. Brooches and Jewel Pins
These types of hair accessories are usually worn on special occasions only as they are too flashy to be worn at casual outings. These brooches go pretty well with layered long hair and keep them from falling on the face. These wedding jewellery add elegance and oomph to your look. You can wear them with a bun or a plain fishtail braid to make your hair look ornamental.

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4. Bobby pin
They are more functional than they are pretty. This is the messiah for each and every girl. This is the perfect resort to keep your hair in place. The best part about bobby pins are that you can buy bobby pins matching to your hair colour. Apart from the plain ones, many ornamental and decorated bobby pins are also available to add some style to your hair.

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5. Ribbons
Loose ribbons are the vintage things, you might be thinking. But they never cease to be in style even today. A simple ribbon around a bun can add oomph to your charism. Or for a casual date, you can braid a ribbon with you hair or wrap it on your hair to make it look like a hair band. Different shapes, colours, and patterns of ribbons are available.

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6. Hair Ties
These accessories can be customised to match your dress. You can use a fabric from your dress to decorate a hair tie. You can buy the polka dotted hair ties or the lacy ones, which you think can match your dress. Tie it around your head to give a cool look to your hair. If you’re having long, wavy and layered hair, this is a perfect accessory for you. It also keeps your hair falling from you face while adding an oomph factor to your style.

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7. Fasteners
These are the metallic accessories which are versatile and are available in numerous of style and colours. They look fabulous of any type of hair and any type of face shape. They are highly easy to use and are of utility as well. They help to keep the hair from the face.

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8. Flowers
Flowers are somewhat women’s second best friend. And they will never go out of vogue. High-profile weddings still use flower jewellery and head gears to decorate the bride. They make you look pretty while adding an Au Natural look to your face. Whether you use roses or any other ornamental flower, they add millions to your beauty and make you look glamorous subtly.

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9. Long Hair Extensions
These are my favourite type of accessories. They add volume to your hair while adding some add-on style quotient to them. If you have long, dense and curly hair, these are the perfect for you. They are available in the variety of styles and patterns. You can use the clip-in version to add those highlighted streaks to your hair. Or you can wear those ornamental one to make your hair look more noticeable. They also increase the length of your hair while making it fuller. So don’t you think it’s the best bet?

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Hair accessories add life to your looks while making you extra special for an occasion. So when it comes to getting the best accessories for your hair, you can explore the vivid varieties of hair accessories and pick the best one according to your utility and style.

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