9 Hilarious Ways in Which Indians Save Money

Saving comes to Indians naturally. No matter how much we already have, we still like to save some bucks every now and then. And we can challenge people all around the world to beat us in the money-saving game. The techniques Indians use to save money can leave even the best of the economists in awe. We open-heartedly acknowledge our money saving ways and we just laugh it off. Some of the tricks are a borderline genius while the rest of them are purely hilarious. Let’s have some good laugh at the funny ways in which we Indians save money.

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1. We squeeze the almost empty toothpaste tube with a rolling pin to get the last of the bit. Sometimes, we even cut the tube in half to make it last another few weeks.

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2. We drag our clothes until they are completely torn. And even when they are torn beyond repair, they don’t see the trash bin. We use that cloth to make a mop. So much value for money we have. Isn’t it?

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3. Filling some water in the shampoo bottle so that we can make use of the last drop of shampoo. We’ve mastered this sorcery of using an empty bottle of shampoo for many weeks further.

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4. We preserve the newspaper and plastic items of the house so that we can sell them off to the Raddi Wala. And believe me, we do get handsome amount of money out of that.

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5. We cover everything new with a cellophane. For example, the remote control, sofa legs, show pieces and everything small is covered with a hideous looking plastic sheet. That’s how we make our remote control last for centuries.

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6. We try to convince the guy at the ticket counter that our kid is below 5 years of age so that we don’t have to buy him a ticket.

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7. We creatively convert the Pepsi bottles into a decorative item. Bottle bird feeders and bottle flower pots are some of the examples.

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8. We ask for Dhaniya and Mirchi complimentary while shopping for groceries. We think it’s our birthright to ask it for free.

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9. We carry a separate bag filled with food while travelling. Cause spending money on buying food is something extravagant for us.

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