As we wake up in the morning, we all have our own ways of doing things, some of us like to start with bed tea. Others start with jogging and then drink tea. Many avoid taking tea in the morning and drink juice instead. After having bed tea, jogging and finally a shower, we sit on the table to have breakfast. As the clock ticks for office, we dress up and leave for our work. This is the daily routine of a maximum of us.

Have you ever thought of spicing your morning with a steamy kiss and cuddle with your girlfriend or wife? Perhaps never! You should try it tomorrow and see how it will make your morning.

Try to do the below mentioned unusual things in the morning, you will feel a new energy in life. Here we go, scroll and enjoy.

1. Kissing and cuddling in the morning
Wake up together in the morning and head towards the living room, indulge in hot smooching, cuddle and kiss each other will full energy because a sex dose before bed tea releases stress, lowers blood pressure and refreshes mood.

A study carried by German psychologists says that men who used to give their partner a peck goodbye in the morning before leaving lived for a longer time than those who didn’t.

Unusual Activities In The Morning1

2. Use alarm clock, not a smartphone for waking you up in the morning
If you will use smartphones for waking you up in the morning, then there are chances that your work hours will start from the morning. Because once, you will take your smartphone in your hand that means you will encounter first by the office, personal mails, and message. You may need to reply some of them immediately.

“Having a period of detachment from phones can be a healthy thing before sleep and in the morning. Leave yours in another room and invest in an old-fashioned alarm clock for a less stressful morning,” says sleep expert Dr. Guy Meadows.

Unusual Activities In The Morning2

3. Leave your bed unmade
Leaving bed unmade is a good habit because it helps in drying beds linen. On wet linen, mites thrive, which lead to allergy. “Mites thrive on moist bed linen and feed from our skin cells. If we will make our bed daily, the moisture will not dry up easily. If you will expose your mattress to the air, mites will dry and die,” says an allergist.

Unusual Activities In The Morning3

4. Clean your teeth with Dry Brush
Some years back The Journal of the American Dental Association published an article in which the author claimed that chances of teeth plaque decrease by 63 percent and gum bleeding by 55% if in the morning teeth are brushed with a dry toothbrush. “Bristles tend to be stiffer when dry so they remove more plaque,” explains dentist Dr. Stephen Pitt. When you use toothpaste, your mouth feels minty quickly so you may stop brushing before the plaque is removed. And with a dry brush, you’re not restricted to the bathroom so you can spend longer brushing as you do other activities,” he adds.

Woman holding a tooth brush

5. Stretch in the shower
Do not just stand up under the shower to let the water fall on your body. Make your shower, romantic, lean down to touch your toes. Continue in this pose for about a minute and then lift your arms over your head. Try to push your arms towards the sky. It will detoxify harmful chemicals from your body and will lengthen your spine.

Unusual Activities In The Morning5

6. Lose the snooze
Some of us have habitually set the alarm earlier than we need to. This is not a right thing to do. One it spoils our sleep, which drains our energy. Always set your alarm at the time when you need to.

Unusual Activities In The Morning6

7. Start your day with Luke warm water instead of coffee or tea
When we wake up, a hot coffee or tea cup can cause acidity in our stomach, indigestion and fluctuations. It can trouble you throughout of the day and plus due to caffeine content you may become addicted to it and in the future, a cup of coffee will not be enough to meet your caffeine need.

“Get into the habit of drinking a little lemon juice in warm water first -this helps stimulate digestive secretions to help you tackle breakfast better and enjoy a coffee after you’ve eaten, ideally after 9 am,” says nutritionist Christine.

Unusual Activities In The Morning7

8. Have a weighing every morning
Weighing in the morning can give you an idea of your health. Is it improving or deteriorating? Weight gain and weight loss may signify certain body problems. “It makes sense as this allows you to monitor and track weight with as little room for error as possible,” says nutritionist Frida Harju.

Unusual Activities In The Morning8

9. Now get ready for breakfast, but with the curtains open
Now when you will sit on the breakfast table, don’t forget to fling the curtains because light rays in your living room and on your faces will brighten your day.

A study conducted by US scientists some years back had revealed that people who were exposed to morning sunlight had lower BMI compared to those who were exposed later in the day. It helps in relieving stress and increases the flexibility of muscles.


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