Secrets to a Happy Life! Add Life to Your Years…Not Years to Life

Nobody wants to die, but is it worth living long but lifeless years? The kind of living we lead matters most than the number of candles that keeps on increasing every year on our birthday cake. If people won’t remember us after our death, then what’s the worth of our lives? Let me, today, tell you the secret of living a blissful life that will make you enjoy every moment of it!

Share Things Always!

It is okay to be selfish sometimes but not always! Learn to share your things as this generous behavior will spread happiness around. The more you share; the more happiness you will collect. So just open your arms and welcome everybody. Don’t just grin your teeth over an unexpected arrival of guest, serve him the way he never forgets your hospitality.

Don’t Burn your Heart!

No, I am not talking about acidity or heart burn problems here, but asking you to fight your insecurities. Don’t bother if your neighbor has just bought a new car, or your son has scored fewer marks in mathematics, you cannot change the past but can mould your present and future. Leave aside your jealousy and enjoy whatever you have. The more ecstatic you will feel the happier your life would be.

“Dil Mange More”!!

This is a human nature that runs in everybody’s blood. But consider the fact that you cannot have everything and anything at your doorstep. Think about those who are beneath you, like those who are deprived of basic necessities like food and shelter! Are they not humans? Wish, but wish for something that you know you will achieve. Like if you wish to be at a place of Prime Minister, then all you are doing is hurting your mind.

Am I Over Stressed?

I know you have bills to pay and kids to look after, but this is also a part of life. Enjoy changing your little darling’s diapers or take him/her to a short walk. This will help you overcome stress making you happy.

Be What You Are!

Many of us spend our entire life pleasing people around us. Sad!! You are a star in yourself. Understand that you aren’t sent to this earth to be an entertaining clown. If those people, who claim to love you, can’t accept you the way you are, ditch them. I am very much serious! If you enjoy eating rice without a spoon, do it! Don’t think about others, just let it go!

These things will add happiness and life to your years. We don’t know how long we will live, but we can ensure living to the fullest.