Aloe Vera- Perfect Summer Home Remedy for Beautiful Skin!!

Home remedies are perfect for those who look sideways when walk by a cosmetic shop! You must know about the succulent plant aloe vera that makes your skin glowing and radiant! You would rather swoon if I started telling you all the things it is capable of! But I will only restrict my reveries to getting beautiful and glowing skin, cant risk it, you see!

The gel present in its succulent leaves have medicinal properties so it is becomes favorite of cosmetic industry.

Alovera- A Magic Herb?

Used as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda and Yunani medicine since centuries, aloevera is a pack full of nutrients. With –

  • amino acids

  • vitamins

  • minerals and

  • various important enzymes

The gel present in its leaves have amazing power that nourishes your skin and makes it glowing and shining.

Alovera is a perfect indoor plant and can very well survive outdoors too given the sunlight it gets is limited. Since it is a succulent, it does not require much water for its growth. In fact aloevera home remedy for beautiful skin is what can help you with all your skin ailments.

How to Use Aloevera Gel on Skin?

  • Cut a leave from the base, wash it and remove the thorny edges.

  • Now scoop out the gel and apply this transparent gel directly on your skin with gentle hands.

  • Or you can simply buy alovera gel from over the counter. Its easily available.

  • After 15 minutes remove it with water.

Skin Benefits of Alovera Gel

  • It provides nourishment and natural shine to your skin.

  • It helps in replenishing moisture of your skin and keeps it hydrated.

  • It is very effective in treating various skin conditions like delay skin aging, dark circles,  acne zits and pimples, scars and marks and also help in recovering sunburns.

  • For treating first degree burns it is very useful and effective.

  • Makes your skin feel rejuvenated and gives a lighter complexion over time.

You can directly apply the juice on your skin, or make icy cubes and then apply for a quick fresh look.

How to Use Alovera in Face Masks

I am going to share 2 most effective home recipes using aloe vera gel that works wonders to give my tired face a dreamy glow in summers!

  1. Mix a spoon of aloevera gel with a few drops of lemon, honey. Apply it on your face and wash of after 15-20 minutes

  2. Mix a spoon of tomato juice, half a spoon of gram flour granules and use this mix as a scrub. Massage for a few minutes then leave it to dry. Wash off after 10-15 minutes

These home remedies are perfect for sun burnt skin, dull and parched skin. In fact these work for dark skin and oily skin as well. Try out aloe dvra this summer and enjoy a never ending glow on your skin.

If you have more such home remedies or ideas, share with me. I love interacting with my readers.