7 Morning Beauty Hacks That One Should Follow To Get Ready Quickly

morning beauty hacks


We all hate waking up early in the morning and leaving our comfortable bed. And with the hustle bustle of life, it almost becomes impossible to take care of your beauty because most of the times we try to pull off our half day work in two hours. So, for all the lazy people who can’t start off their day without a cup of coffee here are some morning beauty hacks that will make your life easier.

1. Moisturize your skin at night

Moisturize your skin at nightImage Source: fairandglow

A lot of time can be saved in the morning by moisturizing the skin at night or by using a hydrating sleep mask. This is an amazing as it will help to avoid the application of moisturizer in the morning that you need to start off with your base. If you keep your skin hydrated then you can easily remove off the excess and begin with your make up.

2. Wash your hair at the night

Wash your hair at the nightImage Source: 

Most of us find it difficult to wash off our hair in the morning as there many things to do at that time. But, now can save a lot of time by washing your hair a night before. Besides this you can even style your hair by making braids, top knot to get amazing curls and waves the next morning. And always use the product that will help to maintain your hair curls.

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3. Red lips are the best

Red lips are the bestImage Source: 

Applying red lip colour can quickly change your dull look to fab. Just keep your face pale and let your bold, dramatic lips to do the magic. And in this way, you can still look fab without makeup.

4. Figure out the best way for cat eyes

Figure out the best way for cat eyesImage Source: ytimg

Most of us face trouble to pull off the perfect winged eye look. So, these are the few hacks that you can follow to get perfect winged eyes:

• Take a concealer brush and clean up all your eyeliner mistakes so that it becomes easier to correct the messy winged eyes and to sharpen the edges.

• The best way to get winged eyes in felt tip liner. It provides the same pointed and edgy look as liquid liner but it is easy to use as a pencil liner.

• To get the correct tip you can use a stencil like a post-it or scotch tape to get the perfect end.

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5. Dry shampoo

Dry shampooImage Source: zeltene

This hack is going to be a saviour for many. If you run out of time and you need to wash your hair then just use a dry shampoo that will help in minimising the production of oil on your scalp. And one important thing to remember always use it on a clean scalp as it will not work on greasy and oily hair.

6. Minimal makeup for the rescue

Minimal makeup for the rescueImage Source: ytimg

When you run off time and in a rush to reach office and you are confused what about my make up? Then, the best hack is to find out the makeup routine that you cannot miss out like a concealer for dark circles, eyeliner etc. For most of the woman mascara and balm works best. So, figure out your makeup routine and you are done.

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7. Always carry products with multiple benefits

Always carry products with multiple benefitsImage Source: lorealparisusa

Always keep the broad-spectrum products handy as it will help you to look amazing and fresh throughout the day. And plus point about these products is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. You can also use BB cream as it contains SPF which provides a coverage to your skin.

So, these were the few beauty hacks that one can follow to look amazing throughout the day.