Apply Lipstick Flawlessly by Following these Tips…!!

Putting on lipstick might sounds easier, right? Ok, now sit down and think for a moment – do you actually know how to apply any lip colour flawlessly and how to avoid that oh-what-I-did look? There are actually tips to make your pouts look lovely and get you those pretty looks. What all they are! Check out this article and get to know the hidden secret. Some of them might be new to you or some not, so see what all you need to grab!

Let your lips do all the talking and make them look flawless by following this valuable information…

  • The Baby Step – Clean and Moisturize!!

The Baby Step – Clean and Moisturize

Nothing would look good if your lips are chapped as lip colour will only accentuate the dry lines and you will look horrible. To make sure your lip colour stands out well, clean and exfoliate them beforehand and apply some lip balm. This can help you get a lovely and inviting effect.

  • Pick up a Good Lipstick!!

Pick up a Good Lipstick

Of course you do that only! But buying all expensive products is not a surety that they will work the way you wanted them to. Get to know what suits you the best and then make the right decision. You might love matte shades but they might not work well for you as for others. Every lip colour has its own pros and cons, so be aware of what are you putting on!

  • Get in Line….

Oultline the Lips

There are ladies who believe that lip liners make you look older and there are those who think exactly the opposite. Regardless of what school of thought you would want to follow, there is no harm in giving it a try! Applying liner, on the other hand can help your lip colour last longer. So what say gals?

  • Use a Brush to Paint the Canvas!

Apply Lipstick with Brush

Many gals still prefer applying lip sticks directly with the tube, but there is a reason why fashion gurus ask you to use brush. With brush, you can assure that you are applying the right amount to every corner properly and minutely. Plus this can help you accentuate your bold lips, give it a try!

  • Don’t Smooch after you are Done!!


No matter how tempted you feel to smooch your lips after applying it, don’t do that if you want to make it work good for you. Keep a brush handy for those last minute touch-ups and get your pouts a smooth finish.

Did these tips help you learn the art better? Let me know how it goes!

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