Bad Beauty Habits That Every Bride-To-Be Should Avoid

5 Bad Beauty Habits That Every Bride-To-Be Should Avoid


Every woman wants to look flawless and this becomes more important when she is about to get married. No bride wants to have tiny spots or blemishes on her face to spoil her wedding look. But most of the times, they don’t realize that this is the result of the few bad beauty habits. So, in this article, we have shared some bad beauty habits that every bride-to-be should avoid to have a natural glowing look.

1. Squeezing pimples

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This is the most common thing that people do when they notice an ugly pimple appearing on the face.

Reasons to avoid:

Instead of squeezing, let it heal on its own naturally because after squeezing a pimple the scars may appear and can even worsen inflammation. And if you are suffering from chronic infection or acne then it is best that you consult a dermatologist. Try to have a healthy food and follow a skincare routine that avoids the occurrence of pimples.

2. Sleeping without removing makeup

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Do you also sleep without removing makeup? Well, it’s time to avoid this bad habit.

Reasons to avoid:

Sleeping without removing makeup can clog pores on your skin and can also block the lubricant which moisturizes the skin naturally. This further leads to acne that spoil your entire bridal look.

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3. Wrapping wet hair in towel

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Wrapping your hair in a towel can ruin your tresses as wet hair are sensitive and can easily break when stretched.

Reasons to avoid:

When you rub your hair with the towel it gets tangled and breaks off easily. This habit also damages your healthy hair.

4. Using makeup brushes without cleaning

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Do you clean your comb and hairbrush regularly? Then, why don’t you clean your makeup brushes and sponges before using them?

Reasons to avoid:

Try to clean your makeup brushes and sponges before using them as they are full of germs and skin oils that might affect your skin. Always try to clean them with some lukewarm water or you can clean it with a mild shampoo to remove all the germs.

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5. Using hair styling tools too often

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Do you use styling tools every other day? Well, you should know that by doing it you are only damaging your hair.

Reasons to avoid:

The heat styling tools are the most common reason for dull hair and split ends. It is recommended to keep your natural without styling for at least 2 to 3 days a week.

So, these were the few bad beauty habits that every bride-to-be should avoid.


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